GUIDELINE FOR NOMINATION FOR THE ITSF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY AWARD 1. Qualifications of Candidates The Award is open to Indonesians residing in Indonesia and pursuing research in the field of Science & Technology, who had made a significant breakthrough to scientific knowledge, contributed to the development of science and technology in Indonesia. Please note that mathematics, clinical medicine, and social sciences are excluded. The evaluation will be based on the scientific breakthrough with the following supports: a. Consistency in conducting researches in the same field. b. Number and quality of publications in peer reviewed journals. c. The quality of journal where the research works published. d. The independence of research works (in contrast to the supervised works). e. Other kind of scientific contributions (patents, technology applications, etc). f. Scientific attitude. 2. ITSF Science & Technology Award The ITSF Science & Technology Award for 2016 will consist of a certificate and a prize of Rp. 100 millions. 3. Nomination of Candidates A candidate be nominated by a representative of a scientific research institution or an institution or a higher learning institution. The representative of the nominating institution such as the Director of Research Institute/Center or the Dean of Faculty in a University is encouraged to proactively seek suitable candidates and provide sufficient justification for the nomination. 4. Deadline The Nomination Form should reach the foundation on or before 14 July 2017. 5. Nomination Procedure Candidate should complete the nomination form supplied by ITSF, scan color, and send to ITSF's email 6. Selection Mechanism The awardee will be selected by the following Selection Committee members: Prof. Dr. Ir. Dedi Fardiaz, M. Sc (Chairman) Dr. Debbie S Retnoningrum (Member) Prof. Dr. Mikrajudin Abdullah (Member) The Selection Committee may request experts in the relevant field to assist the selection process. The decision of the foundation is final and no correspondence regarding the decision will be entertained. 7. Presentation of the Award The presentation ceremony for the ITSF Science and Technology Award for program 2017 is scheduled on February 2018. Notes: a) Please send e-mail or fax to ITSF at the address below for additional information and clarification. b) The Award’s tax will be bourne by ITSF. INDONESIA TORAY SCIENCE FOUNDATION Summitmas II Building - 3rd Floor Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 61-62 Jakarta 12190, Indonesia Tel: (021) 5220785, 2526841 Fax: (021) 5202041 E-mail: Homepage:

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