Mar. 10, 2014
Toray Industries, Inc.
Toray Develops High Tensile Strength and Modulus Carbon Fiber TORAYCA® T1100G
and High-performance TORAYCA® Prepreg

Toray Industries, Inc. (headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Akihiro Nikkaku; hereinafter referred to as "Toray") today announced that it succeeded in the development of high tensile strength and modulus carbon fiber TORAYCA® T1100G and high-performance prepreg (resin-impregnated carbon fiber sheets) using TORAYCA® T1100G. Realizing both high tensile strength and high tensile modulus in carbon fiber had been considered to be technically hard to be achieved. Applications for carbon fiber have been rapidly expanding in aerospace, industry and sport fields, because of the high specific strength and tensile modulus as well as the high reliability derived from superior fatigue properties and high environmental durability. At the same time, further improvement in performance of carbon fibers has been expected especially in high-end applications. With the newly developed TORAYCA® T1100G, Toray succeeded in enabling both high strength and high modulus, which was thought to be technically difficult, by employing carbonization technology to precisely control fiber structure at the nano-level, and significantly improved the performance of the carbon fiber in comparison with Toray’s existing products such as TORAYCA® T1000G and T800S, which are widely used in high-end applications led by the aerospace field. Using innovative nanotechnology, Toray also developed matrix resin technology that improves both tensile strength and impact resistance in prepreg. Toray intends to achieve the utmost performance required in respective fields including aerospace structures and high-end sporting goods by combining this technology with TORAYCA® T1100G. Toray positions the carbon fiber composite material business as the Strategically Expanding Business and has been actively allocating management resources to the field to drive forward business expansion and research and technology development. Under its new medium-term management program “Project AP-G 2016” formulated and announced in February 2014, Toray will accelerate its business expansion as the world’s No. 1 carbon fiber manufacturer in accordance with the basic concept of the long-term corporate vision “AP-Growth TORAY 2020.” Toray will go forward with efforts to develop new products by further improving performance of TORAYCA® and TORAYCA® prepreg and the processability. Through these efforts, the company aims to promote energy savings by reducing the weight of aircrafts and automobiles and make contributions to propagate new energy by applying the materials for wind power generator turbines and natural gas pressure vessels for storage and transportation of shale gas, and ultimately to innovate the society with the power of materials. Characteristics of TORAYCA® T1100G is as follows: Table: Tensile Strength and Tensile Modulus of T1100G

Strand  strength [GPa]
Tensile modulus [GPa]324294294

Tensile Strength and Tensile Modulus of T1100G

Tensile Strength and Tensile Modulus of T1100G

Product lineup of carbon fiber TORAYCA® and their applications

ProductCharacteristicsTypical Applications
T1100GHigh Strength, High ModulusAircraft  Primary Structure, Commercial Rocket, Sporting Goods
T1000GHigh Strength, Intermediate ModulusCommercial Rocket, Sporting Goods
T800SHigh Strength, Intermediate ModulusAircraft Primary Structure, Sporting Goods
T700SHigh Strength,Standard ModulusAircraft Primary Structure, Industry in General, Sporting Goods
T300Standard ModulusAircraft Secondary Structure, Industry in General, Sporting Goods

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