Mar. 23, 2020
Toray Industries, Inc.
Attendant Uniforms Chosen for Japan Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai

Tokyo, Japan, March 23, 2020 – Toray Industries, Inc., today announced the selection of attendant uniforms that it will provide for the Japan Pavilion at Expo 2020. Anrealage head Kunihiko Morinaga designed the items. The uniforms will complement the pavilion’s efforts to immerse visitors in Japan’s vaunted hospitality by showcasing its Where ideas meet slogan. The uniforms showcase Toray’s commitment to sustainability through eco-friendly materials that are the fruit of many years of research and development at Toray. The jackets feature Toray’s &+ brand polyester fibers, made from recycling PET bottles. The shirts are made with ecodear, a plant-based synthetic fiber. The polyester fabric for the bottoms is Ecouse, incorporating film and fiber waste from manufacturing processes. The high-performance textiles in the uniforms employ fibers that are light, offer easy care, and are durable while providing stretch and anti-static properties to keep attendants comfortable during long sessions at the pavilion. The shirts feature Springie, a sweat-absorbing, fast-drying fabric that is anti-transparent. Toray will complete and supply the uniforms from materials it manufactures around the globe.


Under its Sustainability Vision, the Toray Group seeks to balance development and sustainability by providing innovative, advanced materials that help resolve global issues. Toray will leverage its sponsorship of the Japan Pavilion to highlight its commitment to this vision by showcasing the benefits of its eco-friendly, advanced materials to visitors from around the world.

Overview of uniforms
The attendant uniforms express the commonality of people, cultures, and emotions. The styling of conventional uniforms differs for men and women. The Kunihiko Morinaga-designed items are inspired by nature rather than the human form, featuring the same silhouettes for all wearers, regardless of gender or size. The spherical styling of the jackets comfortably accommodates diverse wearers like traditional Japanese clothing. Although normally white, jackets, sneakers, and footwear employ retroreflective prints, so colorful Arabesque and traditional Japanese patterns appear under lights, combining to show numerous hearts.
Ai Tominaga and UTA (pictured above) modeled the uniforms. Nion produced the concept movie, with Ichiro Yamaguchi and Shotaro Aoyama from Japanese band Night Fishing providing sound direction.
The movie URL is:
Profile of Kunihiko Morinaga
Mr. Morinaga was born in Tokyo in 1980. He graduated from Waseda University’s School of Social Sciences. He founded Anrealage in 2003. The name is a portmanteu of a real, unreal, and age. In line with the mantra of God is in the details, his designs are known for their brightly-colored, finely-detailed patchwork, garments with creative shapes unbeholden to the human body, and garments that actively incorporate technology and innovative techniques. Anrealage’s first Tokyo Collection appearance was in 2005. Its Paris debut was in 2014 with a 2015 spring/summer collection. Mr. Morinaga is a finalist for the 2019 LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers.The URL of this design house is:
Overview of Toray’s high-performance materials
This is a brand for polyester fibers made from recycling PET bottles. Toray developed proprietary techniques to remove contaminants and clean materials to manufacture exceptionally white fibers that incorporate traceability technology.
This is a brand of materials and products made from biomass-based polymers. Ecodear polyester is plant-derived.
This brand is for recycled fibers made from film and fiber waste from manufacturing processes.
This polyester textile performs a capillary action, combining irregularly shaped, fine-groove yarns with rounded yarns. It offers outstanding water absorption and diffusivity. The use of a polymer-ceramic composite prevents transparency while blocking ultraviolet light and helping wearers keep cool.

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Japanese uniform production team
: Toray Industries, Inc.
Designer:Anrealage head Kunihiko Morinaga
Supervisor: Nippon Uniform Center
*Hat design and supervision are provided by Ohko Hirata of Haute Mode Hirata, sneakers are manufactured by ASICS Corporation, and bags are manufactured by Yoshida & Co., Ltd.(PORTER).
Expo 2020 Dubai overview
Period:October 20, 2020, to April 10, 2021
Location:Dubai, UAE
Motto:Connecting Minds, Creating the Future
Subthemes:Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability