Mar. 10, 2021
Toray Industries, Inc., and Jolly Good Inc.
Toray and Jolly Good Jointly Develop Virtual Reality Platform
to Aid Training in Ablation Therapy
Tokyo, Japan, March 10, 2021 – Toray Industries, Inc., and Jolly Good Inc. announced today that they have jointly developed HotBalloon Ablation: A VR Tour. This virtual reality (VR) content is a platform for ablation training with Satake HotBalloon® (see Glossary note 1), Toray’s catheter ablation system for treating paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.

The content enables trainees to practice HotBalloon ablation procedures virtually, wherever and whenever they want. This platform will complement traditional on-site training with actual proctor’s procedure.

Remote controls will offer more flexible learning opportunities, enabling trainees to enhance their understanding of procedures and acquire skills more rapidly. Toray will make HotBalloon Ablation: A VR Tour services and content available to physicians and medical staffs this month.

Development backdrop
There are around 720,000 people with atrial fibrillation in Japan (see Glossary note 2). Treatment generally necessitates advanced operative procedures. A physician inserts a catheter into the body and uses x-ray fluoroscopy to guide it into the heart.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for physicians and medical staffs to provide on-site training. This situation created an urgent need for a tool that does not involve physicians so they can limit their travel around medical facilities and also reduces crowding in clinical environment.

In response to such voices from the medical field, Toray and Jolly Good filmed actual procedure performed by Dr. Shiro Nakahara, an assistant professor of Cardiology at Dokkyo Medical University, performing ablation at its Saitama Medical Center in Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture, and created 360 ° clinical practice VR. Dr. Nakahara is highly proficient in HotBalloon procedures.

VR Content features
The VR content employs OPEcloud VR (see Glossary note 3), Jolly Good’s clinical education platform, and that company’s Multi-Connection Remote VR Clinical System. This setup enables advanced medical teaching and training in clinical techniques without instructors and observers needing to physically gather together.

This remote system guides trainees to points on tablets that proctors wish to highlight. This streamlines VR sessions because all participants can share the same visuals, enjoy real time commentary and questions-and-answers in real time.
VR content image

This setup enables participants to feel as if they are right next to the physician during an operational procedure. The VR goggle screens in the center present a dashboard of information checked during surgery.
Remote VR system images

Instructors and trainees use the same images during an online commentary and question-and-answer sessions. It is also possible to draw on screens.
Toray and Jolly Good will accelerate the deployment of HotBalloon and contribute to the development of catheter ablation therapy for patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation while helping educate and enhance the skills of medical professionals.
1. Satake HotBalloon
This catheter thermal ablation system of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation was developed in Japan. A high-frequency electric current heats the liquid in the balloon on the catheter tip. The heat transfers to the myocardial tissue of the left atrium, the treatment site. The balloon is flexible and variable in size. It can therefore fit the pulmonary vein ostium, the main source of atrial fibrillation, for circumferential ablation. The catheter should help enhance the safety and effectiveness by short-term atrial fibrillation treatment.
Satake HotBalloon® is a registered trademark of Toray Industries, Inc.
Brand nameSATAKE HotBalloon CatheterGeneric nameCardiac ablation catheter
Approval number22700BZX00355000CategoryClass IV specially controlled medical device
2. Source: Inoue H, et al. Int J Cardiol 2009;137:102-107
3. OPEcloud VR
This clinical education platform makes it easy to transform any procedure into high-precision VR by permanently installing a high-definition 360° camera and server at a medical facility, making it possible experience and learn techniques from the perspectives of surgeons.
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