Oct. 20, 2020NEW
Toray Issues Integrated Annual Report 2020
Oct.  7, 2020
Toray Develops Antiviral Textile Offering Exceptional Washability and Comfort
Sep. 28, 2020
World’s first successful practical test use of Toray’s 100 % VOC-Free Waterless EB Offset Printing Technology in Europe
Sep. 23, 2020
Toray Commercializes Advanced Grade of TorayfanⓇ Oriented Polypropylene Capacitor Film that Enhances Electrified Vehicle Design Flexibility and Fuel Economy
Sep. 3, 2020
Toray Celebrate Successful Inaugural Mission for European Rideshare Service for Light Satellites
Aug. 28, 2020
Toray Integrated Annual Report 2019 Wins Gold Award in Specialized Annual Reports Category of International ARC Awards 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
Toray Concludes Positive Impact Finance Agreement
Aug.  4, 2020
Society for Information Display Names Toray Technology as 2020 Display Industry Awards Recipient in Display Component of the Year Category
Jul. 28, 2020
Cancellation of Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis 2020
Jul. 28, 2020
Toray’s Advanced High-Surface-Area Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane Modules Selected at Large-Scale Water Treatment Facilities Worldwide
Jul. 14, 2020
Toray to Supply Carbon Fiber Composite Materials for Lilium's all-electric air vehicle
Jun. 2, 2020
Toray Empowers Engineers with better Material Data to exploit its high-performance engineering plastics in Digimat simulation software
May 21, 2020
Toray Carbon Fiber and Thermoplastic Pellet Advances Poised to Enhance Molded Product Cost Performances
May 18, 2020
Toray Boosting Torayfan® Polypropylene Film Production Capacity at Tsuchiura Plant to Meet Growing Demand for Automotive Capacitors
Apr. 30, 2020
Toray Wins Top Award in Japan for New Organic EL Insulating Film Coating
Apr. 30, 2020
Toray to Implement Worldwide Tax Policy on May 1
Apr. 27, 2020
Toray Obtains Joint Research Findings that Could Drive R&D Boosting Reverse Osmosis System Performance
Apr. 24, 2020
Notice regarding postponement of announcement of consolidated results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020
Apr. 22, 2020
Regarding an approval for the interim order of“TORAYMYXIN®” to treat COVID-19 patients in Canada
Apr. 21, 2020
New Toray Technology Enhances the Brightness of X-Ray Scintillator Panels Enabling Reduction of Radiation Doses to Boost Patient Care
Mar. 31, 2020
Notice regarding impairment loss on shares of affiliates
Mar. 23, 2020
Attendant Uniforms Chosen for Japan Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai
Mar. 23, 2020
Toray Selects 2020 Ultrasuede® x Labelhood Innovation Award Winner
Mar.  3, 2020
Toray German Subsidiary to Construct Second Plant for key components for Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Water Electrolyzers
Feb. 25, 2020
Toray and Five European Subsidiaries Exhibiting Carbon Fiber Composites Together for First Time at JEC World 2020
Feb. 19, 2020
Toray and MIDORI ANZEN Launching Japan’s First Uniforms Certified by MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®
Feb.  5, 2020
Toray Recognized as a Water Security A List company, Top Marks, by CDP
Jan. 29, 2020
Toray Creates PICASUS® VT, the World’s First Film Able to Transmit Vertically Incident Light and Reflect Obliquely Incident Light Toray’s progress in nano-lamination technology enables new film to control light direction
Jan. 27, 2020
Toray Creates True Spherical Polyamide Particles that Could Revolutionize 3D Printing
Jan. 24, 2020
Toray debuts a PET-recycled version of its Primeflex stretch fabric series -Entering its 20th year, the Primeflex series is not slowing down-
Jan. 20, 2020
Toray Achieves World’s First UHF Wireless Communication with Low-Cost Printed RFIDs that Could Be Retailing and Logistics Efficiency Game-Changers
Jan.  8, 2020
Toray Completes Acquisition of Alva Sweden AB
Dec. 19, 2019
Toray Creates Revolutionary PPS Film for 5G Circuit Boards that Balances Outstanding Dielectric Characteristics and Thermal Dimensional Stability
Dec. 18, 2019
Toray Innovates Seawater Reverse Osmosis Membranes to the World’s Highest Level of Water Production Performance
Dec. 12, 2019
Toray to supply RO and UF membranes to Brazil’s largest SWRO plant
Dec. 11, 2019
Toray Opens R&D Innovation Center for the Future
Nov. 25, 2019
Idemitsu Kosan and Toray Create TADF and Red Fluorescent OLED Device Delivering World’s Best Luminous Efficiency and Lifetime
Nov. 18, 2019
Toray Creates World’s First Porous Carbon Fiber with Continuous Pore Structure New material could benefit environment by enhancing performance of advanced gas separation membranes
Nov. 13, 2019
Toray Develops Fashion Fabric Employing Proprietary Composite Spinning Technology
Nov.  5, 2019
Toray endorsed the contractual Agreement with JICA on Japanese technology of Personal Protective Clothing for the Project to support infection control capacity in Guinea
Oct. 15, 2019
Toray Develops Revolutionary Stretch Film that Easily Deforms and Quickly Returns to Original Dimensions
Oct. 10, 2019
Toray Receives Consecutive Reverse Osmosis Membrane Orders for Desalination Plants in KSA contributing to Saudi Vision 2030
Oct.  2, 2019
Toray Starts Manufacturing Resin Compounds in India
Sep. 16, 2019
Clothing Made from Recycled Down and Fabric Made with Polyester Fibres from Recycled Plastic Bottles -New Joint Initiative from UNIQLO and Toray Optimises use of Valuable Resources-
Sep.  5, 2019
Toray Announces “&+” Fiber Commercial Brand to Underpin Sustainability Commitment
Sep.  2, 2019
Toray Subsidiaries to Exhibit at Composites Europe
Aug. 28, 2019
Toray Agrees to Acquire Alva Sweden AB
Aug. 19, 2019
Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis 2019 Announcing 18 Players in the Main Singles Draw One Wild-Card Entry
Aug.  5, 2019
Toray Donating Advanced Fabric for Canopy Shelters and Hats to Help People Beat the Heat in Kyoto during Japan’s Most Famous Festival
Jul. 29, 2019
Toray to Sponsor Japan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai
Jun. 21, 2019
The launch of “TORAYMYXINTM” (PMX-05R) in EU market
May 21, 2019
Toray Receives Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan (APSTJ) Award
May 15, 2019
Toray’s President Recognized for Distinguished Service to Hungary
Apr. 17, 2019
Toray Develops New RO Membrane Element that Has Twice as Much Water recovery
Apr.  3, 2019
Toray Unveils Latest Version of its Breathable, Disposable Protective Wear LIVMOA® —Development of LIVMOA®CL, Sterilized Clothing for Use in Cleanrooms—
Mar. 12, 2019
TenCate Advanced Composites changes its name to Toray Advanced Composites
Feb. 5, 2019
Toray opens Automotive Center Europe (AMCEU) near Munich
Dec.  6, 2018
Toray to Enhance Production Capacity of ABS Resin TOYOLAC® at Malaysian Subsidiary
Nov. 15, 2018
Toray to Revise Price of Nylon 66 Yarn and Fabrics for Automotive Airbags
Jul. 18, 2018
Toray Completes Purchase of Shares in TenCate Advanced Composites Holding B.V.
Jul.  9, 2018
Toray Signs Share Purchase Agreement for Purchase of Shares in TenCate Advanced Composites Holding B.V.
Apr. 20, 2018
Participating in “NPE 2018 The Plastics Show”
Apr.  6, 2018
Toray Increases Production Capacity for Large tow Carbon fiber
Mar. 15, 2018
Toray to Purchase TenCate Advanced Composites Holding B.V.
Mar. 8, 2018
Toray highlights TORELINA® PPS thermal management solutions at PIAE 2018 in Mannheim
Jan. 26, 2018
TORAY will be exhibiting the latest innovative products at ISPO
Nov. 8, 2017
Toray to Open New R&D Base AMCEU in Europe -To strengthen R&D function for new materials for environmentally friendly vehicles in Europe-