Jun. 1, 2020
Toray Membrane USA
Transitions Within Toray Membrane USA Organization

After a 39-year career in the membrane industry, Lynne Gulizia has announced her decision to retire from the industry and her position as the Sales Director for Toray Membrane USA' (TMUS) effective June 30, 2020. Lynne's knowledge, expertise, and countless contributions were instrumental to her success, and the growth of Toray. As a recognized industry leader, Lynne will undoubtedly be missed. Lynne shares that "At my retirement date, I will have spent 39 years in the membrane industry. It has been an enriching and fulfilling career. And I've known many of you for almost that length of time. And that is what I will miss most, all of you. But I want to spend time with the people I love doing the things that I love while I'm still feeling young and active. Life is too short! Thank you all for your support and friendship over the years." Lynne will continue to serve as a board member with the American Membrane Technology Association through March 2021.


Additionally, Tom Wolfe has retired after his 12-year tenure with TMUS as the Vice President of Business Development. As a pioneer desalter, Tom has made significant contributions to the water treatment industry over several decades, focused on R&D and the implementation of new technological processes for water treatment and environmental solutions. Tom has been instrumental to TMUS's growth in winning many large-scale desalination projects and identifying new business ventures for the company. He will continue to be a technical advisor for Toray.