Jul.  1, 2019
New TORAYFIL™ HFU-B2315AN pressurized PVDF UF membrane module

Toray Industries, Inc. has released the TORAYFIL™ HFU-B2315AN product, a new pressurized PVDF ultrafiltration (UF) membrane module for applications such as drinking water, water reuse and pre-treatment of seawater RO systems. The new UF module offers a competitive advantage through its high-integrity fiber and a higher packing density for increased flux rates saving CAPEX and OPEX for new or retrofit installations. TORAYFIL™ UF membrane fibers are made through Toray’s proprietary TIPS (thermally induced phase separation) spinning technique for carefully controlled pore size (0.01 µm) and uniform distribution of these pores along the membrane surface. These properties result in low fouling and excellent separation of viruses, bacteria, and suspended solids while maintaining high permeability all to help optimize and extend plant performance.

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