Jan. 31, 2019
Toray has obtained ACS approval with RO membranes for French drinking water market

Emerging Contaminants (EC) are pollutants of growing concern. They include pharmaceuticals, personal care products, pesticides, herbicides and endocrine disrupting compounds. Those were found recently in natural water streams at trace level concentrations. Conventional water treatment plants do not remove or degrade these contaminants efficiently and hence need a cost-effective treatment method. Reverse Osmosis is a well-proven technology for Emerging Contaminants rejection since it is used in Germany for more than ten years in municipal water treatment. Nowadays France is following and take the direction to protect its drinking water. In Germany, there is the KTW Zulassung and in the United States the NSF/ANSI 61 standard. The similar in France is the "Attestation de Conformite Sanitaire (ACS)" or Certification of Sanitary Conformity issued by the Ministry of Health, where manufacturers must obtain the ACS certification on their products used for drinking water applications, which Toray has achieved recently for their reverse osmosis membrane. Currently, Toray is the only manufacturer of membrane treatment products that have attained this certification for reverse osmosis membrane elements after undergoing migration or extraction tests evaluated against stringent acceptance criteria. The ACS approval ensures that the materials and manufacturing standards implemented by Toray meet one of the highest standards in the industry. Please contact your Toray representative for details regarding the certification and how it can help benefit the operation of your drinking water system.