Apr. 22, 2019
Toray – Xylem Joint Arakawa Clean-aid

On April 20, 2019, Toray and Xylem, in collaboration with the Arakawa Clean-aid Forum, an NPO, held the 1st Joint Arakawa Clean Aid (Picking up and Researching Litter) along the riverbed of Arakawa River in Tokyo. A total of 17 people including employees and families from Toray and Xylem participated.  Lecture “River/marine litter problem” was made by the Arakawa Clean-aid’s Director. The participants reaffirmed the significance of the activities including the current situation of garbage in river and the impact on the earth’s environment and ecosystem. The organizers made the event interesting through creative means such as incorporating a quiz program, which enabled adults as well as children to learn about the issues in an enjoyable way. After the lecture, the participants moved to the upper reaches of the river and formed teams and engaged in “Picking Up and Researching Litter.” This is not just picking up litter, but entering the details of the litter in the River Garbage Research Card and meticulously separating the garbage. After the activities, the participants shared their views on the day’s event. In total, the participants collected more than 1,000 liter item.

Arakawa Clean-aid