Jun. 26, 2020
Toray's Response to Covid-19

Tokyo, Japan, June 26th, 2020 Toray continues to closely monitor the Coronavirus global pandemic's developments and its impact on our employees, customers, and communities. As of June 25, 2020, Toray's production facilities in Japan, China (Toray BlueStar Membrane), South Korea (Toray Advanced Materials Korea), Saudi Arabia (Toray Membrane Middle East), and the United States (Toray Membrane USA) have not experienced significant setbacks in operations. The operations at Toray BlueStar Membrane Co., Ltd. was suspended in January and February when the region was hit hardest by the pandemic. However, the plant has since reopened and is operating stably. All sites have strict countermeasures in place following the health authorities' guidelines, helping to minimize the spread of the virus. Toray's membrane products are vital to the availability of clean water, and as such, maintaining shipments and customer support as scheduled remains imperative to Toray's goals and vision. For example, Toray Membrane USA has been deemed by the U.S. federal government as an "Essential Business" classified under "Critical Manufacturing" that supports the Water and Wastewater sector and has continued to serve its customers. Although travel restrictions have limited face-to-face interactions, Toray is more dedicated to serving our customers. At Toray offices and factories around the world, we are enforcing hygiene awareness and practices as stipulated by health authorities. We have formed Pandemic Response Teams throughout our organization that is responsible for:

  • Safeguarding the health and safety of our employees and communities;
  • Ensuring business continuity;
  • Providing customers with timely information on any changes; and
  • Developing and implementing contingency plans to address any situations that may affect our business operations and our employees.
At Toray, we share the concerns of people around the world who strive to maintain our communities' safety and health. We are deeply grateful for the sacrifices made by essential workers fighting the disease on the front lines and those who continue to sustain our infrastructures. We remain committed to creating new materials with the added effort to support the social and economic recovery and are thankful for your continued partnership amidst this crisis. Sincerely, Takuro Shishiyama Director of Toray Water Treatment Division