Feb. 20, 2014
Penfabric Sdn. Berhad
Penfabric Mill 3 - “GREENDAY 2014” Project

Recently, Penfabric Mill 3 launched an inaugural recycle program codenamed “Greenday 2014”, as part of Penfabric’s company-wide CSR initiatives and “Go Green Program”. Over the duration 6th to 12th February 2014, employees were encouraged to collect recyclable items for donation to charity organisation for fund raising purposes. Besides promoting a Caring Malaysian Society, the project also served to heighten environment awareness among the employees and their families, instead of simply throwing unwanted things into rubbish bins and the surroundings. A week prior to the items collection, promotion flyers and emails were circulated while banners were hang up at the Mill to encourage all associates to bring their recyclable items. With at least a kilogram each for every employee as a guideline, some 2,300kg of recycle items, comprising paper, used clothes, plastic materials, metals and aluminium cans were collected. To further encourage future recycle programs, special awards were given to the top 3 contributors by the Mill Manager. At the end of the campaign, all items collected were loaded into lorries before donating to the SIMA Handicapped Centre, Penang. These items were later sold to raise fund or re-cycled purposes, while the usable old clothes were distributed to the poor and disabled persons for further usage. The Company surely looks forward to another campaign in the future.