Jun. 23, 2021
Penfabric Sdn. Berhad
Raising awareness of Covid-19 preventive measures at Penfabric

“Oyez, oyez, oyez!” For centuries, town criers were a trusted source of information, announcing everything from royal proclamations to local news. Recently, Toray Chief Representative in Malaysia HS Teh cum Penfabric Chairman, Managing Director SB Ho, Deputy Managing Director V.Rajendran and all the Mill Managers of Penfabric, YK Cheng, M. Tajika and BS Tai, turned ‘town criers’ in order to heighten Associates’ awareness of the Covid-19 menace currently roiling the country as well as to emphasize the importance of adhering to the SOPs for Covid-19 prevention. To get the message across, they accompanied the workers carrying out daily sanitization of the factory premises on their rounds, carrying a bold and colourful placard with information on the Covid-19 countermeasures. Two bells were attached to the lower corners of this placard, ringing out loud with each movement to harness Associates’ full attention to this urgent and important matter. In addition, a flyer containing guidelines on Covid-19 prevention was also given to every Associate as a constant reminder for them to keep the coronavirus away. It is hoped that with such emphasis from the top management, Associates’ awareness of this dangerous health hazard would be enhanced, keeping them safe and healthy while company operation could proceed smoothly.


HS Teh and V.Rajendran joined in the awareness campaign.


SB Ho raising Covid-19 awareness at the factory floor.


YK Cheng, Penfabric Mill 2 Manager, briefing his members


M.Tajika, Penfabric Mill 4 Manager, distributing the flyer.


BS Tai, Penfabric Mill 3 Manager, carrying the placard during the daily sanitization