Nov. 24, 2021
Toray Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad
Toray Group (Malaysia)’s approach towards the Toray Philosophy Project and Mission BEAR

Toray Group (Malaysia)’s aim is to have a positive corporate culture that will help in building an efficient and productive workplace in TGM. The integration of Toray Philosophy (TP) Project and Mission BEAR activities has directly contributed to building a positive corporate culture in TGM. It has deepened Associates’ understanding on the core values of Toray Group. Taking pride in their work, TGM Associates are able to provide excellent and quality services to the customers, suppliers and business partners. In March 2021, TGM had formed an Ethics and Compliance Committee for spearheading the myTP Project and Mission BEAR. With the relentless support from the sub-committees in each company, TGM successfully completed various projects including the Toray Philosophy For Me (myTP), Our Toray Philosophy Action Declaration, Connect BEAR, Choice BEAR, Thanks BEAR, etc. TGM’s next target is to conduct the Mission BEAR survey to analyze the trend of employee’s recognition of its fundamental principles. With the continuing efforts to promote the TP Project and Mission BEAR in Malaysia, TGM believes it can conduct business in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner, in sync with Toray’s vision and mission.


Members of Toray Malaysia Systems Solution discussing “Strong Toray with Strong Heart


Penfibre- Film Division Engineering members discussing their department’s Compliance Declaration.


Each Associate writes a “Thanks BEAR” note and sticks it on the display board at each section/department.


Each Associate writes an anti-bribery pledge and sticks it on the display board at each department/section