Oct. 28, 2021
Toray Malaysia Systems Solution Sdn. Bhd.
Health Talk : Eyecare during Work by Pantai Hospital & eLearning : Anti-Bribery in the workplace

(a) Health Talk : Eyecare during Work by Pantai Hospital TMS hosted a virtual Health Talk on the topic of "Eyecare at Work." The speech is given by Dr. Tan, an eye specialist from PANTAI HOSPITAL, shared many helpful hints and information about how to protect our eyes. Good eye care in the workplace can help employees feel better and work more efficiently. “Your eyes are the windows to your SOUL”


(b) eLearning: Anti-Bribery in the workplace TMS conducted regular refresher e-learning on "Anti-Bribery in the Workplace" to TMS staff. The goal was to raise awareness of Anti-Bribery in the Workplace and educate all TMS employees on Toray Group Anti-Bribery Guidelines and Regulations in Malaysia. It is critical for all TMS staff to remember the guidelines and regulations “Always be BEAR and have the integrity to do the right things in the right way!”