Apr. 12, 2021
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Traffic Safety Talk by Road Transport Department (JPJ)

A Traffic Safety Talk by Seberang Jaya Road Transport Department (JPJ) was held on 9th April 2021. The purpose of this talk is to improve traffic safety awareness among our employees. This talk was participated by 26 employees from all sections. Throughout the talk, JPJ officers shared the factors contributing to the traffic accidents which are human, environment and vehicle condition. Human factor can be divided to health, driving experience, speed, physical state, while environment factor can be divided to weather and road condition. JPJ officers also pointed out the steps to avoid traffic accidents which include planning our journey, compliance to speed limit, and road regulations, and keeping distance between vehicles. Lastly, JPJ officers highlighted the need to wear safety vest and SIRIM approved helmet when riding motorcycle.


Sharing session on factors contribute to traffic accident


Sharing session on factors contribute to traffic accident


Sharing session on steps to avoid traffic accident