Dec. 13, 2016
Toray Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad
TORAY Group (Malaysia) Ikebana Class

Toray encourages healthy minds and bodies among its employees, through a series of sports activities planned throughout the year. Apart from that there are also requests for TGM Sport & Recreation Committee (SRC) to organise the non-sport event. With that in mind, on 20th November 2016, Sunday, the TGM SRC has organised an Ikebana Class (the Art of Japanese Flower Arrangement). A total of 37 employees responded to learn the Art. With the help of Ms. Harumi Takizawa together with 3 assistants from Ikebana Club of Penang Japanese Association, the event was successfully held at TGM Training Centre. After 15 minutes of demonstration by Ms. Takizawa, the participants were given 40 minutes to show case their talent and creativeness of the flower arrangement. At the end, 15 best participants’ flower arrangements were given memento souvenirs for their participation. Overall, all of the participants were happy and enjoy the class and there were requests for the TGM SRC to conduct the class every year.