May 24, 2016
Toray Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad
3rd Toray Group (Malaysia) Energy Saving Presentation

Saving energy means decreasing the amount of energy used while achieving the desired end-use results. It is an important effort in supporting green environment and sustainable growth by TGM. On 31 March 2016, the 3rd TGM Energy Saving Presentation was organized to review these energy saving efforts and initiatives by each Toray Group company in Malaysia. For the past two years since its inception in February 2014, each company has shown and shared their energy saving efforts in this presentation. In his opening speech, HS Teh, Managing Director of Penfabric Sdn. Berhad, expressed his concerns regarding the rising price of natural gas in Malaysia. Even though the co-generation plant is targeted to start its commercial operation in July 2016, the cost savings from the co-generation plant operation will gradually reduce due to the increase in natural gas unit price every six months. Therefore, continuous and aggressive save energy efforts are a must. Finally he urged every company to continuously pursue measures to ensure that save energy target will definitely be achieved. Subsequently, the respective participants from Penfibre, Penfabric and Toray Plastics (Malaysia) took turns to share their various energy saving activities and results achieved in fiscal year 2015.