Feb. 24, 2022
Toray Malaysia Systems Solution Sdn. Bhd.
Health Talk :Food for your Heart by Gleneagles Hospital 

TMS organized a virtual health talk with topic of “Food for your Heart” Dr. Annamalar, Interventional Cardiology specialist from local hospital (Gleneagles Hospital), shared lots of tips and provided good advice on preventing coronary heart disease. TMS staff actively participate with questions & inquiries during Q&A session. It is good to keep a healthy lifestyle as prevention better than cure.


TMS Commitment to its Employee Good Health Since 2020, it was a wake-up call for many companies from the disruption of COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with unpredictable working condition and the economic downturn, there are increased anxiety, stress, and physical ill-health. Thus, TMS had made rapid prioritizing for our workforce wellbeing with frequent health talk, health check, and continuously improving office environment to build a culture of health in the workplace.