Mar. 25, 2021
Penfabric Sdn. Berhad
Motivational Lecture by Toray Chief Representative for Malaysia “The World at War with Covid-19”

The strains of "Historia de un Amor" sung in Spanish and French, greeted the young and newly hired management staff of Penfabric who came for a motivational lecture by Mr. Teh Hock Soon, Vice President Toray Industries, Inc., Toray Chief Representative for Malaysia cum Chairman of Penfabric, during the two sessions held on April 22 and 23, 2021. Mr. Teh then started off his lecture by showing a clip of Elvis Presley singing his hit song “It’s Now or Never,” preceded by the Italian version “O Sole Mio”. By sharing these songs performed in different languages, Mr. Teh hoped that our associates would open their hearts and minds to new experiences, view things from different perspectives and step out of their comfort zones. This is especially relevant nowadays with the Covid-19 virus having changed the way we live and work. The roll-out of vaccines could bring the pandemic to a halt but the effects of the coronavirus will linger on, not just in the body but on the economy and lifestyles. With the world at war with Covid-19, Mr. Teh emphasised on the need to achieve business success by leveraging on digitalization and innovation in line with Toray Group’s vision, mission and action plans. Mr. Teh also gave some insights on good practices such as time management, knowing the competition, thinking out-of-the box, life-long learning, embracing change and the circular economy. In reiterating the need for teamwork, Mr. Teh concluded his presentation by showing a couple dancing the Salsa in unison with perfect coordination, which is only possible when one understands, accommodates and complements the other.