Sep. 1, 2021
Toray Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad
Volunteering at Vaccination Administration Centre

The Malaysian government had launched a Public-Private Partnership COVID-19 Industry Immunisation Programme (PIKAS) to help expedite COVID-19 vaccination for the public, focusing on the work force in critical manufacturing sectors. Under PIKAS, the government provided free vaccines, while the private sector was required to manage the administration of the Vaccination Administration Centres (VACs), including engaging the services of private medical practitioners. Toray Group (Malaysia) companies including Toray Industries (Malaysia), Penfabric, Penfibre, Toray Plastics (Malaysia), Toray Malaysia Systems Solution and Penovate had participated in several sessions of the PIKAS programme at the various VACs. This was essential to speed up the vaccination of all TGM associates. To help with stewarding at the VACs, greeting those receiving the vaccine, signposting people around the centre and other administrative tasks, some TGM employees were called upon to serve as volunteers. One of the 19 persons who sacrificed their time and efforts was Boon Zhi Xian from Penfabric, who remarked on his experience, “It was super fun and the precautionary measures in place to minimize infection risk gave me confidence. The whole system in the centre was simple but very effective, and the main requirement was just a warm smile!” In recognition of their contributions and spirit of volunteerism, Toray Chief Representative for Malaysia Dato’ Teh Hock Soon, presented a token of appreciation to each volunteer.


Boon Zhi Xian helping during the registration process.


Associates waiting for their turns to be vaccinated.


Dato' HS Teh presenting souvenirs to the volunteers, including Josephine Teoh and Boon Zhi Xian