Sep. 3, 2018
Toray Malaysia Systems Solution Sdn. Bhd.
Doing our bit for St Nicholas Home

As part of our on-going CSR activities, a total of 21 TMS employees, led by Managing Director Peter Chan, visited the St Nicholas Home on a Saturday morning to help out the visually impaired residents at the St Nicholas Home on 11th August 2018. During the visit, we participated in the judging of the St Nicholas' student contestants, helped in ushering and photo shooting of the event. TMS sponsored the prizes for the competitions. During the tea break refreshments, TMS staff helped to serve them and clean up the pantry. It was indeed an eye opening experience to serve food to the visually impaired as compared to serving normal persons. We had the opportunity to visit their braille production centre, bakery centre and their self-managed massage centre. The purpose of all these facilities is to train the visually impaired residents to have a skill to earn a living for themselves. Besides the prizes of the talent competition show, TMS also donated electrical thermal pot, blood pressure monitor, glucose meter, thermometer, towel blanket and shoe rack which are among their required items. Total contribution from TMS is RM2,000.00. TMS employees also donated RM1,000.50 to buy kitchen provisions for the urgent needs of the Home. This CSR activity provides an opportunity for TMS employees to engage with the local community which makes us feel grateful and proud to have visited the St Nicholas home. The opportunity allows everyone to learn to give and share what we have, and we will continue to serve the society more excellently.