Jan. 19, 2016
Toray Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad
2015 TORAY Group Malaysia Fire Fighting Competition

On 17th December 2015, TORAY Group Malaysia successfully organised its 16th Fire Fighting Competition, with the ultimate aim of strengthening the Group’s capabilities in fire prevention and disaster management. In launching the annual competition, TGM Safety Chairman, Mr.K.Kurokawa thanked the Penang State Fire and Rescue Department for their untiring support in training the TGM Emergency Response Teams (ERT), besides hosting the competition at its Penang’s Fire and Rescue Department at Prai. Present to witness the event was Penang State Fire and Rescue Director, Tuan Haji Azmi Bin Tamat who graciously gave his advices and later inspected the seven TGM participating teams, accompanied by Mr.K.Kurokawa and the Managing Director of Toray Industries (TML), Mr. H. Yoshimura. The competition was divided into two categories, namely the Male Events (in the hydrant and fire hose events) and the Female Event (in the fire extinguisher event). The competition was keenly contested with all the seven participating teams strived to achieve the best possible results, through excellent team spirit and true sportsmanship. The half-day event has truly improved the effectiveness of TGM Emergency Response Teams. More importantly, it has brought about better understanding and closer rapport between the Penang State Fire Department and TGM.