Jun.  1, 2015
Penfabric Sdn. Berhad
"GREENDAY 2015" at Penfabric

Continuing with the successful past years' projects, another Recycling Campaigns codenamed "Greenday 2015" was simultaneously carried out at the 4 Mills of Penfabric, from the 11th to 15th May 2015. Besides raising environmental awareness and promoting proper recycling habits among the employees, the wastes collected were donated to SIMA Handicapped Centre for fund raising purposes. To add excitement to the campaign, a competition among individuals and plants were carried out. With promotional posters and circulars, some 2,704 kg of recycle wastes were successfully collected over the period. The top 3 generous donors of each of the respective 4 mills were rewarded with cash vouchers. Throughout the campaign, donors were taught the finer points of segregating the types of recycle wastes, namely paper, plastic, metal and aluminium properly, thus making sorting works easy. The same goes with the three recycling bins located at the factory premises. Proper education is important to instil better recycling habits among our employees, both at work and at home. With proper 3Rs education, ie. Re-cycle, Re-use and Reduce, the world will be a better place for our future generations.