Nov. 11, 2013
Toray Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad
Toray Group (Malaysia) Management Seminar

In October 2013, Toray Group (Malaysia) successfully completed its Third Toray Group (Malaysia) Management Seminar (TGMMS) in Penang. Held periodically over a duration of three months, the TGMMS was attended by 17 participants, comprising senior managers nominated by the 4 member companies, namely Toray Industries (Malaysia), Penfibre, Penfabric and Toray Plastics (Malaysia). The TGMMS is aimed at strengthening the competitive advantage of human resources, through developing managerial skills. During the seminar, the senior managers were given the opportunities to deepen their knowledge, specifically in the Group’s corporate philosophy and business strategies, besides accelerating their personal and organizational leadership skills. At TGM, we strongly believe in life-long learning and self-development for our employees as they are our most valuable resources of the Group. Aspiring to be an employer-of-choice, TGM provides its employees with excellent opportunities for advancement. TGM aims to be a business group that maintains an energetic and enthusiastic workforce of people who find value in work, develop their abilities, and embrace and overcome challenges.