Mar. 31, 2015
Toray Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad
TGM Fishing Competition

To promote healthy lifestyles and enhance more engagements among the Group employees, TGM constantly organises yearly sports and recreation activities. On 29th March 2015, the last series of the year’s planned activities, in the form of a TGM Fishing Competition was organized. Held at a salted water fishing pond located at Sungai Petani, Kedah, the half day’s event attracted a good turnout of more than 100 employees. To add excitement to the competition, a total of 50 fishes, ranging from Barramundi, Golden Snapper and Mangrove Jack species were specially released into the pond, which already houses other different kind of saltwater fishes such as Grouper, Trevally, and Redfish. Whenever a fish is hooked on the line, there were shouts of cheers and excitements around the pond. While the anglers had a fun time around the fishing pond, their spouses and children picnic nearby. Based on the weights of the fish caught, a total of 15 prizes were presented to the winners. For the record, the top three winners were judged as follows: (1) Mohd Kamari (Penfabric Mill 3) - 2.55kg Redfish (2) Naim (Penfabric Mill 4) - 2.33kg Barramundi (3) Anuar (Penfabric Mill 3) - 1.99kg Barramundi The fishing competition was a great fun for all the participants. It has fulfilled the objectives of fostering better working relationship and ties among the Group’s associates.