Jun. 24, 2020
【Japan】Toray Industries, Inc.
Choosing Job Means “Contributing to People, Society x What Is Exciting for Me” Career Education Class at Yoyogi Junior High School in Tokyo
May 27, 2020
【Thailand】Toray Group Companies in Thailand
Donation for Developing Dynamic Prosthetic Foot
Apr. 24, 2020
【Japan】Toray Industries, Inc.
Workplace Visit by Junior High School Students in Tokyo
Mar. 12, 2020
【Indonesia】Indonesia Toray Science Foundation (ITSF)
26th ITSF Presentation Ceremony
Mar. 12, 2020
【Republic of Korea】Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. (TAK)
“To Save Precious Lives”
TAK Donates 300 Blood Donation Certificates to Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation
Mar. 12, 2020
【Malaysia】Toray Group Companies in Malaysia
28th Safety Convention of Toray Group Companies in Malaysia
Mar. 12, 2020
【China】Toray Group Companies in China
East and North China Safety Meeting