Nov. 19, 2020
Toray Industries, Inc.
Toray Wins ‘Eco Mark Award 2020' Grand Prize
Tokyo, Japan, November 19, 2020 – Toray Industries, Inc., announced today that it has won the Grand Prize in the Japan Environmental Association's 'Eco Mark Award'. This is the first time in the chemical and chemical fiber industry that we have received 'Eco Mark Award' Grand Prize.

This award is for our progress in 'Toray's Fibers & Textiles Green Innovation Business' in two main respects. The first is that the company pioneered an integrated commitment to helping reach Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and business objectives in deploying eco-conscious materials in that field. The second is that Toray has expanded sales of Eco Mark products across diverse fields and applications, thereby fostering the adoption of eco-conscious materials across the entire supply chain.

‘Eco Mark Award’ logo
The Japan Environmental Association started the 'Eco Mark Award' program in 2010 to recognize companies for exceptional efforts to promote the formation of a sustainable society by allowing consumers to make eco-conscious product selections and promoting environmental improvement efforts of related companies. As well as the Grand Prize, this award program provides Excellence Prize to public and private sector organization in this specific respect and the Eco of the Year Award for products that are outstanding in terms of their environmental performance, advanced capabilities, and eco-conscious designs.

Toray has driven ongoing significant progress in its Green Innovation Business Expansion Project since launching it in 2011. Sales of related offerings (based on Japan's generally accepted accounting principles) reached 820.1 billion yen in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020.

Toray's fibers and textiles business is pursuing progress in eight areas to help resolve global environmental issues, including through energy conservation, renewable energy, biomass-derived, and recycling. Key factors in receiving the Grand Prize were Toray's steady progress in deploying products that draw on biomass-derived feedstock and recycled feedstock that contribute to 'Realizing sustainable, recycling-based use of resources and production'.

Toray will continue to evolve advanced materials and processes, and its corporate philosophy, 'Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products' under the 'Toray Group Sustainability Vision' and the long-term corporate vision 'TORAY VISION 2030'.

Evaluation comment from the ‘Eco Mark Award 2020' selection committee
"Toray Industries, Inc. (TORAY) is developing the 'Green Innovation Business Expansion Project' in line with the 'Toray Group Sustainability Vision'. With the solution of the social issue of 'Realizing sustainable, recycling-based use of resources and production' at the core of TORAY's business, TORAY will bring the environmental performance of products, which have tended to play a supporting role, to TORAY's customers through excellent foresight, technology and market development. It is sublimated to 'added value of choice'. We would like to give a generous applause to the company's innovation, which has embodied the fusion of SDGs and business ahead of the times.
TORAY has acquired Eco Mark certification for its lineup of many textile materials such as yarn and woven fabrics. By appealing the reliability of environmental labels and the objectivity of criteria and communicating the added value of eco-conscious materials to business partners in an easy-to-understand manner, many product manufacturers have adopted TORAY's materials and have products in wide fields and applications. It has been converted the contribution of eco-conscious materials such as Eco Mark products to the market is immeasurable, and it also contributes significantly to the greening of the entire supply chain."
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This is Japan's sole Type I environmental label. Its third-party certified environmental label reflects the environmental strategy of the UN Environmental Program (UNEP) and national governments worldwide. Type I environmental label Organizations must comply with the International Organization for Standardization standards such as ISO14020, ISO14024 in establishing and administering new criteria.