Nov. 28, 2016Others
Toray Succeeds in Demonstration of Scaling Up Membrane-integrated Fermentation Process -Production of ethanol from biomass generated at sugar factories-
Nov. 25, 2016IT-related Products
Toray Develops Graphene Conductive Additive for Lithium-ion Batteries -Integration of nano-carbon technology and surface chemistry to achieve high power and high capacity-
Oct.  5, 2016IT-related Products
Toray to Absorption-type Merger (Simplified Merger and Short Form Merger) of Consolidated Subsidiary
Oct.  3, 2016Fibers & Textiles
Toray Develops Lumbar Support Pants for reducing risks of low back pain
Sep. 28, 2016Life Science & Other Services
Toray Applies for Japanese Approval of Additional Indication of Pruritus Treatment REMITCH® CAPSULES 2.5μg
Sep.  5, 2016Plastics & Chemicals
Toray to Increase Production Capacity of TORAYPEF Polyolefin Foam at U.S. Subsidiary
Aug. 22, 2016Others
Notice Regarding Determination of Terms and Conditions for the Issuance of Stock Compensation-Type Stock Options (Stock Acquisition Rights)
Jul. 28, 2016Fibers & Textiles
Toray to Start Automobile Airbag Nylon Fiber and Fabric Business in Mexico
Jul. 27, 2016Others
Notice regarding Issuance of Stock Compensation-Type Stock Options (Stock Acquisition Rights)
Jun. 28, 2016Others
Notice Regarding Adjustment of Conversion Price forZero Coupon Convertible Bonds due 2019 and 2021
Jun. 21, 2016Carbon Fiber Composite Materials
Toray Increases Carbon Fiber TORAYCA® and TORAYCA® Prepreg Supply for Airbus
Jun. 17, 2016Fibers & Textiles
Toray to Enhance Production Capacity of High-performance Polypropylene Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric at Subsidiary in Republic of Korea
Apr. 27, 2016Carbon Fiber Composite Materials
Leading players shaping the hydrogen industry
Apr. 14, 2016Others
Toray to Establish R&D Innovation Center for the Future to Take the Lead in the 21st Century -To strengthen R&D that makes people’s life better by Kotozukuri with advanced materials-
Feb. 24, 2016Life Science & Other Services
Toray, Nanotheta, Taiho to Accelerate Business of Antiadhesive Material Based on Nano-scale Polymer Thin Film Technology
Feb. 18, 2016Carbon Fiber Composite Materials
Toray and Toyota Tsusho to Jointly Promote Carbon Fiber Recycling
Feb. 15, 2016Carbon Fiber Composite Materials
Toray Subsidiary Carbon Magic (Thailand) Opens New Plant
Jan. 28, 2016Fibers & Textiles
Toray Develops New Environmentally Friendly Water Repellent Finish  Technology without Fluorinated Compounds, Realizing Both Superior Performance and Textile’s Handle
Jan.  6, 2016Life Science & Other Services
-Toray, BONAC Sign Licensing Agreement Regarding BNC-1021 Targeting Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Capital Alliance-