Jan. 20, 2020Performance Chemicals NEW
Toray Achieves World’s First UHF Wireless Communication with Low-Cost Printed RFIDs that Could Be Retailing and Logistics Efficiency Game-Changers
Jan.  8, 2020Fibers & Textiles
Toray Completes Acquisition of Alva Sweden AB
Dec. 19, 2019Performance Chemicals
Toray Creates Revolutionary PPS Film for 5G Circuit Boards that Balances Outstanding Dielectric Characteristics and Thermal Dimensional Stability
Dec. 18, 2019Environment & Engineering
Toray Innovates Seawater Reverse Osmosis Membranes to the World’s Highest Level of Water Production Performance
Dec. 12, 2019Environment & Engineering
Toray to supply RO and UF membranes to Brazil’s largest SWRO plant
Dec. 11, 2019Others
Toray Opens R&D Innovation Center for the Future
Nov. 25, 2019Performance Chemicals
Idemitsu Kosan and Toray Create TADF and Red Fluorescent OLED Device Delivering World’s Best Luminous Efficiency and Lifetime
Nov. 18, 2019Environment & Engineering
Toray Creates World’s First Porous Carbon Fiber with Continuous Pore Structure New material could benefit environment by enhancing performance of advanced gas separation membranes
Nov. 13, 2019Fibers & Textiles
Toray Develops Fashion Fabric Employing Proprietary Composite Spinning Technology
Nov.  5, 2019Fibers & Textiles
Toray endorsed the contractual Agreement with JICA on Japanese technology of Personal Protective Clothing for the Project to support infection control capacity in Guinea
Oct. 30, 2019Performance Chemicals
Filing Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Ningbo Solartron Technology Co., Ltd
Oct. 29, 2019Environment & Engineering
Toray Domestically Launching New Year Cleaning and Face Cloths Employing Ultra-Fine Microfiber Technology
Oct. 15, 2019Performance Chemicals
Toray Develops Revolutionary Stretch Film that Easily Deforms and Quickly Returns to Original Dimensions
Oct. 10, 2019Environment & Engineering
Toray Receives Consecutive Reverse Osmosis Membrane Orders for Desalination Plants in KSA contributing to Saudi Vision 2030
Oct.  2, 2019Performance Chemicals
Toray Starts Manufacturing Resin Compounds in India