Apr. 26, 2021Life Science & Other Services
Toray Develops Biochip for High-Performance Multi-Item Allergy Testing
Apr. 15, 2021Others
Toray Innovates CO2 Separation Membrane Incorporating Porous Carbon Fiber
Apr.  7, 2021Performance Chemicals
New Toray Technology Boosts X-Ray Scintillator Panel Durability
Mar. 31, 2021Others
Kaji Technology and Toray Complete the Development and Demonstration of Electrochemical Hydrogen Pump System under the NEDO Project “Development of echnologies for Hydrogen Refueling Stations” toward the Realization for a Carbon Neutral Society
Mar. 30, 2021Fibers & Textiles
2021 Ultrasuede® x Labelhoood Innovation Award Winner Chosen
Mar. 24, 2021Fibers & Textiles
Toray’s MAKSPECⓇ V Antiviral Textile Proves Effective in Combating COVID-19
Mar. 23, 2021Others
Toray Receives Chemical Society of Japan Award for Technical Development
Mar. 22, 2021Life Science & Other Services
Toray Licenses RADIFIL® Fast-Dissolving Film Coating Technology to Kishi Kasei
Mar. 17, 2021Performance Chemicals
New Toray High Heat-Resistant Torayfan® Grade Broadens Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film Applications
Mar. 10, 2021Life Science & Other Services
Toray and Jolly Good Jointly Develop Virtual Reality Platform to Aid Training in Ablation Therapy
Mar.  9, 2021Environment & Engineering
Toray to Expand Toraysee™ Cleaning Cloth Lineup with Offering that Enhances Hygiene Management at Stores and Salons
Mar.  8, 2021Others
Toray Creates Ultra-Thin Graphene Dispersion Solution Offering Outstanding Fluidity and Conductivity
Feb. 25, 2021Environment & Engineering
Toray Develops Energy-Saving, Virus-Removing UltraFiltration Membrane
Feb.  5, 2021Life Science & Other Services
Toray Sets Up Production Line for Breath-O Correct™ Orthokeratology Lens
Jan. 21, 2021Performance Chemicals
Toray Leverages Proprietary NanoalloyⓇ Technology to Create Flexible and Toughened Polymer Offering Diverse Applications