Nov. 19, 2020Others NEW
Toray Creates Non-Porous Separator for Lithium-Ion Batteries, that Could Dramatically Increase Capacity by Enhancing Safety of Lithium Metal Anode Batteries
Nov. 16, 2020Environment & Engineering
Toray Receives Consecutive Orders for Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants in Bahrain and UAE
Nov.  2, 2020Others
Notice regarding Impairment Loss and Revision to Forecast of Consolidated Results
Oct. 27, 2020Fibers & Textiles
Toray Develops Nanotech-Based Odor-Quelling Textile
Oct. 20, 2020Others
Toray Issues Integrated Annual Report 2020
Oct.  7, 2020Fibers & Textiles
Toray Develops Antiviral Textile Offering Exceptional Washability and Comfort
Sep. 28, 2020Performance Chemicals
World’s first successful practical test use of Toray’s 100 % VOC-Free Waterless EB Offset Printing Technology in Europe
Sep. 23, 2020Others
Toray Commercializes Advanced Grade of TorayfanⓇ Oriented Polypropylene Capacitor Film that Enhances Electrified Vehicle Design Flexibility and Fuel Economy
Aug. 28, 2020Others
Toray Integrated Annual Report 2019 Wins Gold Award in Specialized Annual Reports Category of International ARC Awards 2020
Aug. 27, 2020Others
Toray Concludes Positive Impact Finance Agreement
Aug. 17, 2020Others
Notice Regarding Determination of Terms and Conditions for the Issuance of Stock Compensation-Type Stock Options (Stock Acquisition Rights)
Aug.  4, 2020Others
Society for Information Display Names Toray Technology as 2020 Display Industry Awards Recipient in Display Component of the Year Category
Jul. 28, 2020Others
Cancellation of Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis 2020
Jul. 28, 2020Environment & Engineering
Toray’s Advanced High-Surface-Area Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane Modules Selected at Large-Scale Water Treatment Facilities Worldwide
Jul. 22, 2020Others
Notice regarding Issuance of Stock Compensation-Type Stock Options (Stock Acquisition Rights)