Jun. 26, 2019Others NEW
Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis 2019 -To Take Place in Osaka for the First Time!- Naomi Osaka, Winner of the US Open and Australian Open Announces Appearance The advance tickets available from e+ beginning on Saturday, June 29!
Jun. 25, 2019Others NEW
Notice Regarding Adjustment of Conversion Price for Zero Coupon Convertible Bonds due 2019 and 2021
Jun. 21, 2019Life Science & Other Services NEW
The launch of “TORAYMYXINTM” (PMX-05R) in EU market
Jun. 13, 2019Carbon Fiber Composite Materials
Toray to Highlight Next-Generation Composite Technologies at Paris Air Show
Jun.  4, 2019Fibers & Textiles
Toray’s New Nylon textile Offers Improvements In Water Repellency and Durability With a Lower Environmental Burden To Be Offered As A Variation of Airtastic®, ENTRANT® and Dermizax®
May 30, 2019Performance Chemicals
Toray Develops Low-Dielectric-Loss Polyimide Material for Electronic Components in 5G Communications and Millimeter-Wave Radar
May 27, 2019Others
Toray Announces Support for TCFD Recommendations and Joins TCFD Consortium of Japan
May 21, 2019Life Science & Other Services
Toray Receives Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan (APSTJ) Award
May 15, 2019Others
Toray’s President Recognized for Distinguished Service to Hungary
Apr. 23, 2019Performance Chemicals
Toray Creates Innovative UV Blocking Film by Augmenting Nano- Multilayer Technology -Enhanced shielding by thin film, blocking UV up to about 400 nm-
Apr. 18, 2019Carbon Fiber Composite Materials
Toray Develops Vacuum Pressure Molded Prepreg for Aircraft -Demonstrates high quality with full-size component molding without using autoclave-
Apr. 17, 2019Environment & Engineering
Toray Develops New RO Membrane Element that Has Twice as Much Water recovery
Apr.  8, 2019Environment & Engineering
Toray to Establish New Water Treatment Membrane Company in China
Apr.  3, 2019Fibers & Textiles
Toray Unveils Latest Version of its Breathable, Disposable Protective Wear LIVMOA® —Development of LIVMOA®CL, Sterilized Clothing for Use in Cleanrooms—
Mar. 28, 2019Performance Chemicals
Toray Develops New PPS Resin with World’s Highest Flexibility Level