Nov. 22, 2019
Toray offers Ultrasuede® for a design from Nana Tamura that won the 2019 Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix in Amateur category

Toray Industries, Inc. offered Ultrasuede® for the design created by Nana Tamura of ESMOD JAPON. Ms. Tamura’s design was awarded the 2019 Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix in the Amateur category. The Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix contest was established in 1984 to nurture up-and-coming talented young designers who are expected to take on notable roles in the fashion community. As such, this event presents a gateway for successful fashion designers to move ahead. In the Amateur category this year, 5,879 entries were submitted from nine countries. Nana Tamura created a simple, asymmetric dress with the theme of “feminine clothing for women.” In her search for diverse feminine qualities without being limited to preset rules, behavior suitable for women, or feminine colors, she was very taken with Ultrasuede®’s distinctive texture. This evolved into a request for using this material for her creation. Toray favorably responded and offered the material. For incorporating an image of Venus de Milo, the goddess of beauty, two Ultrasuede® materials featuring a smooth feel and an appealing resilience were sewn together to produce a weightier feeling with a refined silhouette. The contest judges gave high marks to Ms. Tamura’s design, commenting “Her way of thinking as a woman is simply reflected in and expressed through the garment. It’s simply great!” Ultrasuede® keeps evolving toward a future full of “Beautiful Possibilities.”


Theme: Feminine clothing for women


Nana Tamura