Jul. 6, 2017
Ultrasuede® Automotive Collection 2017

We will soon introduce the Ultrasuede® Automotive Collection 2017, a new Ultrasuede® design proposal for car interiors. The proposal will feature concepts based on three cities, Dubai, Berlin, and Los Angeles. It will include car interior designs tailored to each city's climate and lifestyle, demonstrating that Ultrasuede® can offer comfort in a variety of climatic conditions by means of its advanced functionality. 【Dubai】 Wander Into Darkness The breathability of Ultrasuede®, prevents heat from being trapped inside, making it especially suitable for hot areas. From a design standpoint, the material can create glossy, exotic car interiors based on the product Ultrasuede® NU hybrid skin. 【Berlin】 Speeding The Autobahn In winter, Ultrasuede® does not feel chilly to the touch. Its look and feel is warm and comfortable, even under frigid conditions. The premium JX type and the highly light-resistant FQ type are ideally suited for urban and stylish car interiors. 【Los Angeles】 A Breath In A Hammock Ultrasuede® features superior air permeability that eliminates stuffiness and ensures comfort. The PX and BA types, made with partially plant-based polyester microfibers, add a natural and relaxing feel to car interiors. Ultrasuede® continuously evolves towards the "Beautiful Possibilities" that await us in the future.

Collection 2017