Feb. 12, 2020
UAL Central Saint Martins White Show 2019 features Ultrasuede®
made from a partially plant-based raw material

Toray recently contributed its product Ultrasuede® for White Show, a fashion event sponsored by Central Saint Martins (CSM) College at the University of the Arts London. Ultrasuede® is made from a partially plant-based raw material and was used in various designs presented at the White Show held at 1 Granary Square in London on December 6, 2019. These designs were also introduced at Fashion Awards 2019 held at London’s Royal Albert Hall on December 2. Before the White Show event, Toray offered a special class at Central Saint Martins to familiarize students with Ultrasuede®. The class also covered the important theme of sustainability, helping students deepen their understanding of sustainability while learning about the advanced features of the Ultrasuede® material. I. Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins is a world-renowned arts and design college, and is one of the six colleges within University of the Arts London. The college has nurtured many generations of creative talent. Among its graduates are world leaders in the fashion community, including John Galliano, Phoebe Philo and Riccardo Tisci. Ⅱ. White Show 2019 The White Show is an annual showcase where each first year fashion design student at Central Saint Martins creates a single look, all in white. Dominating the calendar as one of the most anticipated events of the first term, the White Show is the longest running project on BA Fashion at the college. And each year this seminal show is conceived, organized and promoted by first year students on BA Fashion Journalism and BA Fashion Communication & Promotion. Protest is at the heart of our zeitgeist – at CSM, across London, and globally. Raising our voices in protest and empowering the individual is what we aim to promote and this year our concept, Opus19, is based around the power of the voice, and more specifically, opera which is an artistic form that glorifies this. Opus19 will be an opera of today, where the work of 183 designers will be showcased against a theatrical backdrop. The second floor of the CSM building will be the focal point of the show, with dramatic lighting and staging elements, including backlit screens for the garments’ silhouettes to be emphasized before the look is fully unveiled. Moreover, we are proud to announce there will be a guest performance from New Zealand-born soprano Eliza Boom. Her voice will have the dramatic effect needed to confront people with the sense of urgency that is central to our generation’s protests. The White Show will be a display of innovation, but will come together as a united force with a collective message championing new design and the voices of the next generation. The 2019 White Show is dedicated to Teresa Mitchell. Ⅲ. Ultrasuede® using partially plant-based raw material Ultrasuede® is Toray’s proprietary nonwoven ultra-fine fibers suede, which has been widely recognized as a luxurious material of premium Japan quality. Drawing on Toray’s advanced technology, Ultrasuede® has also earned a high reputation worldwide for its comprehensive lineup for diverse applications. Toray has long been committed to the development of sustainable, environmentally friendly products. These efforts led to the launch of Ultrasuede® PX made from a partially plant-based polyester in 2016. This was followed in January 2019 by the release of Ultrasuede® BX, the world’s first product of its kind to use partially plant-based polyurethane. Toray seeks to further expand the range of nonwoven ultra-fine fiber suede materials that support sustainability and creativity without compromise. Ⅳ. Designs using Ultrasuede® presented at the White Show

White Project
White Project
White Project

Ⅴ. Special Lecture

Ultrasuede® keeps evolving toward a future full of "Beautiful Possibilities."