Feb. 11, 2021
Ultrasuede® - The Best Pet-Friendly Fabric



We love our fur babies, but keeping up with pets in the well designed home comes with a few considerations.

Fortunately, upholstered furniture can be luxurious and easy to care for — even with dogs, cats and other fluffy friends around — when high-performance Ultrasuede® HP fabric is specified for sofas, sectionals, lounge chairs, ottomans and more.

Keep it clean
Due to its unique, non-woven construction, Ultrasuede® HP will not trap undesirable particles of dirt, and most stains are removed with a water-dampened cloth.

Another benefit to the non-woven construction is that pet hair is easily removed with regula



Stay fresh
The inherent structure of Ultrasuede® HP fabric, consisting of microscopic fibers, additionally allows for it to breathe and resist odors, as well as to keep the fabric from retaining moisture, both of which help to manage pet smells.

Removable cushion covers may also be machine washed and tumbled in a cool dryer, as needed.

This is why Ultrasuede® HP is a popular fabric choice by companies that specialize in the design of pet beds and accessories.

Tough stuff
Meeting commercial grade furnishings standards for durability, Ultrasuede® HP will withstand a lot of wear and tear from people and pets, too. The density of its fibers helps to resist scratching.



Have it all
Ultrasuede® HP is the fabric of choice for a luxurious soft hand, available in 97 solid colors ranging from livable neutrals to on-trend hues. And the fabric’s special construction and features are sure to make cleaning up stress-free.

A beautiful home with pets is attainable!

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