Jul. 19, 2019
Walsh’s VOYAGER VEGAN NAVY Uses Ultrasuede®

Ultrasuede® is featured by Norman Walsh Footwear in their Spring/Summer 2019 VOYAGER VEGAN NAVY model, released in April 2019. Ⅰ. About the product using Ultrasuede® VOYAGER VEGAN NAVY is a specially commissioned sports shoe made by Walsh for ANDY HOUSE in a collaborative effort. ANDY HOUSE is a long-established select retail business that mainly sells products with a European sensibility in its Kyoto and Hokuriku area shops. VOYAGER, the basis for this new model, is an ultra-lightweight running shoe developed in the 1980s by Walsh. VOYAGER VEGAN NAVY vegan shoes are crafted in England by shoemakers who select special Japanese materials that are carefully combined with Ultrasuede® featuring its soft touch and luxurious handfeel. Ⅱ. About Walsh Norman Walsh Footwear is a leading English sports shoe brand that was established in 1961. Designed and made in England, each product is made to meet the various requirements of customers through manufacturing that maintains the spirit of craftsmanship. Ⅲ. The VOYAGER VEGAN NAVY model is available in the ANDY HOUSE online shop and all ANDY HOUSE retail stores. Ultrasuede® keeps evolving toward a future full of “Beautiful Possibilities.”





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