Mar. 25, 2022
Supporting “Asia Fashion Collection 9th” with Toray Ultrasuede® featured in collections debuting on runway at New York Fashion Week
“Asia Fashion Collection 9th” (AFC) is the latest event from an incubation project that discovers and fosters young and upcoming designers from across Asia. Co-sponsored by Vantan and PARCO in collaboration with various Asia-based partners in South Korea and Taiwan, AFC provides a suitable venue for young designers. They are able to compete for an opportunity to debut their collections at the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) show. AFC also assists with financial support for production and technical assistance.
Since fiscal 2019, Toray has been a staunch AFC supporter, providing its iconic Ultrasuede® materials to the brands in the AFC qualifying competition in Japan, including those brands selected to make their debuts at the New York Fashion Week (NYFW). As in the recent two years, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented designers from traveling to New York, but the NYFW runway show took place this year. The two brands fortunate to make their NYFW debut, YUUNA ICHIKAWA and COCOTONO, made use of Ultrasuede® in their collections. Ultrasuede® was also featured in the collections of the other three brands that had also entered AFC 9th TOKYO STAGE, the final qualifying round in Japan.

■ Brands featuring Ultrasuede® that debuted at AFC 9th NYFW Collection

“YUUNA ICHIKAWA” by Yuuna Ichikawa, Osaka Institute of Fashion (

YUUNA ICHIKAWA: Suspenders and trousers using Ultrasuede® nu
YUUNA ICHIKAWA: Ultrasuede® nu used for jacket

“COCOTONO” by Kotono Fukazawa, Vantan Design Institute (
COCOTONO: Jacket uses Ultrasuede® HP
COCOTONO: Coat features Ultrasuede® HP

■ Brands featuring Ultrasuede® that entered AFC 9th TOKYO STAGE(Other than those above)

“HARUKA HIRAI” by Haruka Hirai, Osaka Institute of Fashion(
HARUKA HIRAI: Ultrasuede® ER used for suspenders
HARUKA HIRAI: Ultrasuede® ER used for suspenders

“CUBSCRIB” by Riku Yuzuhara, Tokyo Mode Gakuen (
CUBSCRIB: Coat featuring Ultrasuede® ER
CUBSCRIB: Ultrasuede® nu used for down scarf

“NAHO OKUZAKI.” by Naho Okuzaki, Vantan Design Institute X-SEED(
NAHO OKUZAKI: Overalls made with Ultrasuede® HP
NAHO OKUZAKI: Ultrasuede® nu used for stadium jumper sleeves

■Outline of AFC 9th NYFW Collection
Date/Time: February 16 (Wednesday), 2022, 8:00 (Japan time)
Video Archive:
Organizer: Asia Fashion Collection Executive Committee

■ Outline of AFC 9th TOKYO STAGE
Date/Time: November 28 (Sunday), 2021, 14:30
Video Archive (Digest):
Organizer: Asia Fashion Collection Executive Committee

Official AFC Website:

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