Oct. 22, 2020
New Communication Platform "Ultrasuede® Collection" to Open on Ultrasuede® Website

Ultrasuede® is a highly functional ultra-fine fiber nonwoven fabric with a suede texture developed by Toray Industries, Inc. On the Ultrasuede® website, a new communication platform called the "Ultrasuede® Collection" will debut on October 23rd to engage with customers. Featured first will be the collection of Ultrasuede® products for the Autumn/Winter of the 2021-2022 season. The content of this site will be renewed for each season, to keep customers up to date with the latest Ultrasuede® collection. The Autumn/Winter 2021-2022 collection will include different types with varied thicknesses and products with various treatments, along with eco-friendly lineups using recycled or plant-based raw materials. These will be introduced in three sections—THICKNESS VARIATIONS, FASHION VIEW, and ECO STORY. Ultrasuede® keeps evolving toward a future full of “Beautiful Possibilities.” Details of the Ultrasuede® Collection site: 1. Website name: Ultrasuede® Collection ※Set up within the Ultrasuede® website 2.Launch date: October 23rd (Friday), available from 10:00 am.

3.URL: (Japanese) (English)