Dec. 6, 2021
Ultrasuede® Coast to Coast



This year, popular home decor blog, The Spruce, identified top colors for interiors inspired by sea, sand and sun. Inviting their readers to bring elements of coastal environments inside, the blog’s big takeaway is that specific colors can be used to create calm living spaces.

In addition to walls and home accents, why not consider upholstery as your canvas for these calming hues?

Ultrasuede® HP upholstery weight fabric is available in 97 shades, including soft ivory and nude or buff colors to evoke sandy beaches; bright yellow and teal for a punch of sun and tropical island fun; and several gray green and sea glass or other soft blue hues that keep the rhythmic waves of the ocean in mind.



Spirit of Ease

Color’s influence on mood is well documented, and yet another tangible way to induce calm is to simply reduce factors that cause stress.

Incorporating luxury + high-performance Ultrasuede® HP fabric for upholstery projects — especially for the furniture that gets used most — means that accidental spills are no cause for upset.

Due to its unique, non-woven construction, Ultrasuede® HP won’t trap dirt on sofas, lounge chairs, dining stools, headboards or ottomans. Kids and pets are no match for its performance benefits, since most stains will lift easily with a water-dampened cloth. For other stains, watch the Ultrasuede® cleaning video on YouTube.



Whether your clients are located at the coast, or just trying to achieve a coastal vibe, the unique, nonwoven structure of Ultrasuede® HP fabric offers additional benefits.

The arrangement of its densely packed microscopic fibers makes Ultrasuede® HP extra durable, so that it meets all contract and hospitality standards for upholstery fabric.

Finally, with this unique construction, Ultrasuede® HP won’t retain moisture, helping furniture to avoid unpleasant smells. And breathability also means the fabric will stay cool to the touch in warm weather and warm in cold weather.

Take a look at the entire selection of Ultrasuede® HP colors and select your own Coastal-inspired shades. We’re feeling more relaxed, already.

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