Apr. 9, 2021
Ultrasuede® Plant-based Fabric





Earth Day is celebrated once each year in April, but of course consumer decisions happen year-round.

So how can you make more planet-friendly purchases for your home?

It’s helpful to think in terms of progress before perfection, and that goes for the production of high-performance Ultrasuede® HP fabric, which is an ideal choice for furniture like a family room sofa, modern lounge chair, upholstered headboard, or kitchen counter stools.

Green Dream
Following a significant period of investment in research and development since the early 2000s, our parent company, Japan-based Toray Industries, has replaced 30 percent of the polyester fiber used to make Ultrasuede® HP fabric with plant-based fiber.

This plant-based fiber is made from a by-product of sugarcane processing, specifically from the non-edible waste that would otherwise be discarded in landfills.

Now used to create luxurious, high-performance Ultrasuede HP, our plant-based fabric performs equally well in all cleaning, durability, and color-fastness tests, with the additional benefit of reducing reliance on petroleum-derived ingredients.

And by continuing its R&D efforts, Toray is committed to Ultrasuede becoming a 100-percent plant-based fabric in the future.

Luxury and Performace

Luxury and Performance

Yet another way to act sustainable is to purchase quality home furnishings that won’t end up at the curb after too short a time.

To begin with, source from local stores to find reputable furniture manufacturers, including some of our favorites, like American Leather, Stressless, Lazar, Elite Modern, and Nathan Anthony,.

Then, consider how the high-performance benefits of Ultrasuede® HP fabric mean that your upholstery fabric won’t tear, fade or stretch over time, and its easy-care features mean you can stay on top of spills and other stains — so you’ll be happy with your purchase for years to come.

Learn more about Ultrasuede® HP and visit our Where to Buy page.

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