Oct. 21, 2021

Ultrasuede® is the Best Kid-Friendly Fabric

Kid Friendly

Kid friendly

With families spending more time at home and in their living spaces than ever before, furnishings are getting a lot more wear. How can homeowners protect their investment in a new upholstery purchase?

High use upholstered furniture, like sofas, sectionals, lounge or dining chairs, and ottomans, will continue to look good when covered in high-performance Ultrasuede® HP fabric. Homeowners will enjoy its easy care and luxury features — even when the kids are stuck inside all day.

Holds up
Ultrasuede® HP meets commercial grade furnishings standards for durability, so homeowners can be confident it will withstand anything the kids have to throw at it, or on it. The fiber density is what contributes to strength, and ultimate longevity.

There’s no need for any worry about stretching or sagging, either, regardless of how many times the little rascals are caught jumping on the cushions.

Ultrasuede is Cleanable

Ultrasuede is cleanable

Cleans up
Ultrasuede® HP has inherent performance benefits due to its unique, non-woven construction. Most stains will lift with only a water-dampened cloth, so snack time in the family room does not have to spell disaster.

Another benefit to its non-woven construction is that surface debris like dirt or dust is easily removed with regular vacuuming.

Removable cushion covers may also be machine washed and tumbled in a cool dryer, as needed.

Ultrasuede is Breathable

Ultrasuede is Breathable

Ultrasuede® HP is designed to breathe and to wick moisture, which allows the fabric to resist odors and remain comfortable in any climate.

More to love
Ultrasuede® HP is the fabric of choice for a luxurious soft hand, and it comes in 97 solid colors ranging from livable neutrals to rich hues. There’s a color to coordinate with any decor scheme or environment.

Finally, Ultrasuede® HP is the sustainable choice, made from partially plant-based fibers and void of toxic surface chemicals.
Don't worry, Ultrasuede® is safe for your children and the environment!

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