Oct. 3, 2017
Ultrasuede® adopted for Bugatti mobile case collection

Ultrasuede® will be adopted for latest bugatti FALL / WINTER 2017 mobile case collection in September 2017. Ⅰ. About Products (1)LONDRA (2) PARIGI Handcrafted from premium Ultrasuede(R) this bugatti product is built for character. The sensual touch creates beauty in high-end phone cases that require softly padded protection. Ultrasuede® adds both a visual and a tactile dimension unmatched by any other substrate. You’re instantly organized in a way that is truly eye-catching. Ⅱ. About Bugatti/or Bugatti Fashion Based on the solid foundations of the family company Brinkmann, bugatti has established itself as an international fashion brand. The bugatti style is sophisticated, chic and casual. Women and men aged 30 and over with an above-average net household income are the brand's core target group. Product expertise, variety and exceptional value for money are the success factors behind the brand. Ⅲ. About marketing The products will be available in Bugatti stores offline and online, telecom and consumer electronic stores, offline and online Ultrasuede® keeps evolving toward "Beautiful Possibilities" that await us in the future.

Bugatti LONDRA

Bugatti PARIGI