Oct. 27, 2017
Toray’s Ultrasuede® Adopted for LEXUS LS

Toray Industries, Inc. (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Akihiro Nikkaku; hereinafter referred to as "Toray") today announced that its Ultrasuede® fabric will be part of the interior for the LEXUS LS500 and LS500h as well as the performance line F SPORT models, all manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation (head office: Toyoda, Aichi Prefecture; President: Akio Toyoda; hereinafter referred to as “Toyota”). These three models have also undergone a complete model change, beginning in October 2017, with Ultrasuede® going into both the headliner and visor and also being used for the seats of the F SPORT. This is the first time that Ultrasuede® has been adopted by LEXUS. Ever since its initial model was introduced in 1989, the LEXUS LS has been the company’s flagship luxury sedan. It is known for its reliably powerful performance, yet the serenity of a smooth, quiet ride is also in its DNA. The new LS models combine the ample interior comfort of a sedan with a futuristic coupe silhouette to realize both low-slung styling and a strong presence. They also integrate traditional technology based on Japanese aesthetics and the latest production technology to create an interior that is elegant and original. Produced with cutting edge Japanese technology, the smooth and luxurious feel of the uniformly textured Ultrasuede® , along with its excellent adaptability to applications that upgrade the interior, was a significant factor leading to the fabric’s adoption for the LEXUS models. Ultrasuede®, the original ultra-microfiber nonwoven fabric with suede texture, was developed by Toray in 1970 by taking advantage of its ultra-microfiber manufacturing and processing technology. Its outstanding texture and high functionality were developed over a history exceeding 45 years and have been highly acclaimed in various fields, including fashion, home interiors, general merchandise and automobile interiors. It is widely recognized as a luxury, high-quality material. In its long-term corporate vision statement “AP-Growth TORAY 2020,” Toray set forth “advanced materials” as one of its corporate goals. Toray Group has been working on the development of high-performance and high-sensitivity advanced materials by deploying core technologies including polymer technology and synthetic organic chemistry. Toray will continue to promote Ultrasuede® as a cool made-in-Japan advanced material for various applications.