Oct. 29, 2019
Toray Industries, Inc.
Toray Domestically Launching New Year Cleaning and Face Cloths Employing Ultra-Fine Microfiber Technology

Tokyo, Japan, October 29, 2019 – Toray Industries, Inc., announced today that it will launch Toraysee® New Year cleaning cloths in two designs and Tekari Sarari® oil-removing face cloths in Japan. The company will also roll out a special set comprising a small Toraysee cloth with a precision screwdriver pen set for eyeglasses. All cloth designs feature the Rat, the Chinese zodiac animal for 2020. The four items can be mailed as gifts in standard postal envelopes. Bulk buy (boxes of 50 units) pre-orders began in mid-October for items, which will be available at optician shops around the nation and online (through from early November. Toray debuted the Toraysee brand 32 years ago. New Year-themed versions have remained popular gifts in Japan since their introduction in 1992. Since 2009, Toray has donated a percentage of sales of these items to UNESCO, which currently allocates that money for its school scholarships in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The cloths employ microfibers with diameters of just two microns, or around 1/1,600th the diameter of a human hair. Gaps between the fibers are invisible to the naked eye and draw dirt into them to deftly remove sebum from eyewear and touch panels on smartphones and other devices. There are also medical and manufacturing applications.

Merchandise Details
1. Toraysee 2020 Year of the Rat Cloths
This design features rats engaged in athletics, cheerleading, and celebrations for what will be a banner year for international sport in Japan. Key motifs of good fortune are five colored balloons representing overall luck, a podium winner, a gold trophy, professional progress from breaking the tape, health from weight lifting, and romantic fortune from giving flowers. 19cm x 19cm and 24cm x 24cm items will retail for 600 yen and 800 yen, plus consumption tax, respectively.
2. New Year Cloth and Precision Screwdriver Pen Set
This item comprises a 19cm x 19cm 2020 cloth and a precision screwdriver pen with flat and Phillips heads for conveniently adjusting eyeglasses. The set will retail for 900 yen, plus consumption tax.
3. Toraysee New Year’s Prosperity Cloth
This 24cm x 24cm item features folding fans that embody hopes for prosperity in Japan’s Reiwa imperial era, white rats that symbolize prosperity for one’s descendants and wealth, a treasure ship bearing the seven gods of good fortune, and a miraculous mallet. This cloth will retail for 800 yen, plus consumption tax.
Note: Items 1 and 3 will be in stylish, environmentally friendly packaging.

4. Tekari Sarari New Year Oil-Removing Face Cloth
The Tekari Sarari brand of silken cloth folds like a handkerchief. It has become popular among women and men alike for conveniently and gently removing excess sebum without damaging the skin. For the Year of the Rat, Toray is offering just 2,020 units each in Baby Pink and Mint Green designs. Both 15cm x 19cm items will retail for 600 yen each, plus consumption tax.

Promotional campaign
Toray is running a special promotional campaign for all four items to commemorate what will be the first New Year of the Reiwa era. Five hundred people pre-ordering 50-unit boxes between Oct.14 and Dec.4 will each receive a scratch card giving them a chance to win an array of prizes, including a pure gold oval worth 100,000 yen, a Japanese seafood dish, and lucky cookie, rice cracker, and candy sets.