Nov. 9, 2020
Toray Industries (America), Inc.,
Toray Industries (America), Inc., to Attend The Battery Show and EV Technology Digital Days
Visit Toray’s virtual booth November 10 through 12.
New York, New York (November 9, 2020)―Toray Industries (America), Inc., announces that it will have a booth at The Battery Show and EV Technology Digital Days, a virtual event taking place November 10–12. On display in Toray's virtual booth will be a portfolio of advanced, high-performance materials technologies, including engineered plastic resins, carbon fiber, PTFE fiber, battery separator film, display and sensor materials, and more.

On Thursday, November 12 at 10:15, Toray’s affiliate the Toray Resin Company will host the live virtual product showcase presentation “Material solutions for PCU components, EV motor components, and battery components using TORELINA PPS.” The TORELINA resin provides excellent heat resistance, flame retardancy, chemical resistance, and physical strength. Its superb fluidity leads to outstanding dimensional precision.

“Toray works closely with customers and business partners around the world to develop breakthrough materials and solutions that are helping to create the automobiles of tomorrow,” says Mr. Toshinori Hara, Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Development at Toray Industries (America), Inc. “Our virtual booth and live presentation at the Digital Days event offer attendees a great opportunity to learn about the Toray advanced technologies available to the industry.”

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<Participating group companies and the businesses>
Toray Resin Co.
Manufacture, import, and marketing of engineering resin products.

Toray Composite Materials America, Inc.
Production and sales of standard tow-based (PAN) carbon fiber and prepregs.

Zoltek Corporation
Production and sales of large tow carbon fiber and prepregs.

Toray Advanced Composites USA, Inc.
Manufacturing and marketing of thermoplastic UD tapes, thermoset prepregs, etc.

Toray Fluorofibers (America), Inc.
Manufacture and marketing of fluoro fiber.

Toray International America Inc., Ultrasuede Department
Sales and marketing of Ultrasuede®
a non-woven material with a suede texture created using ultra-fine fibers.

Toray Industries, Inc., Films Division
Production and sales of advanced films, such as battery separator films and nano-layered films.

Toray Industries, Inc., Electronics & Information Materials Division
Production and sales of electronic-related materials, such as display and sensor materials.

The Battery Show and EV Technology Digital Days