Aug. 31, 2021
Toray Industries (America), Inc.
Toray Group to Showcase Sustainable Automotive Materials
at the Battery Show and Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo
New York, N.Y. (August 31, 2021) – The Toray Group, the leading global company in innovative technologies and advanced high-performance materials, will showcase its wide range of products and technologies geared towards sustainable automotive materials at The Battery Show and Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo 2021 in Novi, Michigan on September 14-16, 2021. Toray booth 837 will feature electric vehicle (EV), hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), and battery material solutions focusing on lightweighting, powertrain/electrification, comfort, and safety.

The Future of Sustainable Automotive Materials
The Toray Group remains committed to Toray Group Sustainability Vision of providing innovative technologies and advanced materials to address global environmental, resource, and energy problems. This vision includes the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. To achieve this, Toray works with businesses engaged in renewable energy, hydrogen, and materials for electrification. The company also develops material solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as next-generation electric and fuel cell components.

At the Expo, a notable Toray showpiece will be the SETELA™ lithium-ion battery separator film. It is widely used as a separator for secondary lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles. The company will exhibit automotive material solutions for lightweighting, electrification, comfort, and safety such as heat-resistant plastics for internal combustion engine parts, and carbon fiber composite materials.

Other items to be featured include PPS film for motors, electrical and electronic components, nano-multilayer film PICASUS® for the windshield and sunroof, carbon paper for fuel cells, carbonized fabric, and Teflon™ for energy storage, PBT compounds, and CFRP for battery structures.

Participating Toray Companies:
Toray Composite Materials America, Inc.
Developer, manufacturer and supplier of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fibers and carbon fiber prepreg.

Zoltek Companies, Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of large tow carbon fiber composite materials

Toray Resin Co.
Manufacturer and supplier of nylon and PBT resin compounds. Imports and distributes resin products.

Toray Fluorofibers (America), Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of fluorofibre

Toray International America Inc. Advanced Materials Dept.
Supplier of carbon paper and GDL in the Americas

Toray Industries, Inc. Films Division
Developer, manufacturer and supplier of advanced films, such as battery separator films and nano-multilayer films.

Toray Industries (America), Inc.
The representative office of Toray Industries, Inc. in the Americas

About Toray Group
Toray is a leading global company in innovative technologies and advanced materials. Since its foundation in 1926, the Company has contributed to society through the creation of new value and addressed global challenges by delivering high value-added products including fibers and textiles, resins and films, and carbon fiber composite materials. It operates in 29 countries and regions with about 48,000 employees worldwide.