Aug.  4, 2020
Toray Industries, Inc.
Society for Information Display Names Toray Technology
as 2020 Display Industry Awards Recipient in Display Component of the Year Category
Tokyo, Japan, August 4, 2020 – Toray Industries, Inc., announced today that the Society for Information Display (see Glossary note 1) has chosen Toray's innovative Spectrum Conversion by Organic (SCO) phosphor sheet as a Display Component of the Year category winner in the 2020 Display Industry Awards. This honor is in recognition of the sheet being the first in the world to incorporate a non-toxic organic luminescent material technology that can help liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors deliver high color gamuts.
These monitors have conventionally employed inorganic red and green phosphors, offering good durability. The downside has been that color purity declines owing to broard emission spectra (see Glossary note 2), limiting the color gamuts of these monitors.
Toray set about addressing that issue by leveraging molecular design, synthesis, and refining technologies that it amassed in developing light-emitting materials for organic electroluminescence to create high-color-purity red and green organic luminescent materials with narrower emission spectra than conventional inorganic phosphors. Toray drew on proprietary luminescent materials design to enhance the durability of organic luminescent materials in practical applications.

SCO sheets
SCO sheets employing these organic luminescent materials that can contribute to the high color gamuts of LCDs provide more than 99% color gamut coverage for both the Digital Cinema Initiatives (see Glossary note 3) and Adobe (see Glossary note 4) RGB color spaces. Monitors would accordingly display more colors than conventional ones. Another benefit is that these display materials are environmentally friendly because they are organic and thus free of heavy metals and other toxic substances.
Display technologies are constantly evolving, and markets for upper-end monitors should keep growing with demand for 4K, 8K, and higher resolutions and for high color gamuts.
Toray will step up its work in organic luminescent materials molecular design technologies to further the potential of organic materials in keeping with its commitment to innovating ideas, technologies, and products that deliver new value.

Toray's organic luminescent materials

Display employing SCO sheet
1.The Society for Information Display
Founded in 1962, this is the world's largest and most prestigious organization for electronic displays, bringing together numerous display panel, equipment, component, and materials researchers and engineers. For the annual Display Industry Awards, the Society's experts grant the Display Component of the Year Award to a novel component that greatly enhances display performance.
2.Emission spectra
This spectrum shows brightness distributions relative to light wavelengths, with color purity declining as spectrum widens, as light (wavelengths) of various colors becomes mixed. As the emission spectrum width narrows, color purity increases to approach monochromatic light.
3.Digital Cinema Initiatives color space
Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC, which created its color space, was formed in March 2002 for the stated purpose of establishing and documenting specifications for an open architecture for digital cinema that ensures a uniform and high level of technical performance, reliability and quality control.
4.Adobe color space
Developed by Adobe Systems, Inc.