Dec. 10, 2020
Toray Industries Inc.
Toray Develops Environment-Friendly Ecouse® PET Films for Use in Electronics Applications
A New Supply Chain Collaboration Initiated by Toray Helps Contribute to the Building of a Sustainable Global Economy

Tokyo, Japan, December 10, 2020 – Toray Industries, Inc., announces that it has expanded its Ecouse® (pronounced Eco-Use) portfolio of sustainable materials with the development of new, environment-friendly polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films. The achievement is the result of a successful collaboration, initiated by Toray with companies across its supply chain, to build a system for the collection of PET film from used electronic components. It marks another milestone along the company's journey to building a sustainable economy and exemplifies its commitment to contribute to society. The recovered material is treated by means of Toray's proprietary mechanical recycling process. The finished Ecouse PET films will be used for the manufacture of new electronics components. They offer the same mechanical properties and reliable performance characteristics that Toray's traditional PET films do. Toray aims to sell new Ecouse films once it has reached an annual production capacity of 2,500 metric tons. Other applications of Ecouse films are being explored; Toray's PET films are also used to manufacture packaging and display items. The Ecouse brand for recycled materials and products, established in 2011 as part of the company's Green Innovation Business Expansion (GR) Project, was commercialized worldwide in 2015 with fiber and textile applications.

Eco-friendly Ecouse series PET film
Toray's recycling protocol involves the combining of its proprietary mechanical recycling process technology, which removes coating materials and resins from film surfaces through grinding, washing, separating, drying, regranulating, and compounding, with foreign-matter-removal techniques for each manufacturing process. The new Ecouse environment-friendly PET films have the potential to reduce the consumption of raw materials derived from fossil fuels and plastic waste and carbon dioxide emissions by 30 to 50 percent in the film recovery and production processes, as compared with those associated with conventional Toray offerings. Toray has traditionally reused scrap from manufacturing processes to produce raw material for films. It will now accelerate its deployment of the Ecouse recycled PET films. The company intends to build more collaborative recycling systems and manufacturing setups so that it may discover and develop applications beyond electronics components.
Toray's Green Innovation Business Expansion Project provides solutions to environmental, resources, and energy challenges. It is through that initiative that Toray seeks to expand its businesses across diverse fields, including energy conservation, biomass, and recycling, to help materialize a sustainable, circular economy. Toray will continue to supply innovative technologies and advanced materials that help the world overcome the challenges of balancing development and sustainability.
About Toray
Toray is a leading global company in innovative technologies and advanced materials. Since its founding, in 1926, the company has contributed to society through the creation of new value and addressed global challenges by delivering high-value-added products including fibers and textiles, resins and films, and carbon fiber composite materials. It operates in 29 countries and regions with approximately 48,000 employees worldwide.