Jan. 13, 2021
Toray Industries, Inc.
Toray Expands Its LIVMOA™ Protective Clothing Portfolio with New Versions for High-Pressure Water and Cleanroom Applications
Tokyo, Japan, January 13, 2020 – Toray Industries, Inc., announces that it is adding to its line of LIVMOA single-use protective clothing with new versions for use with high-pressure water and cleanroom applications. LIVMOA protective clothing (also known as PPE) is exceptionally comfortable and breathable and safeguards the wearer, which helps people to perform at their best. New LIVMOA 4000 is for high-pressure water applications; an upgraded version of LIVMOACL sterilized clothing is for use in cleanrooms. The new LIVMOA clothing will be introduced during the first quarter of 2021 in Japan, which is where Toray is manufacturing the nonwoven material and building a stable product supply system. The company intends to make the new LIVMOA 4000 and LIVMOA CL available overseas later in the year.

Breathable LIVMOA 4000 complies with the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) Type 5 and 6 standards for chemical protective clothing. It is manufactured with Toray's proprietary SMS (spunbond + meltblown + spunbond) nonwoven fabric, which provides protection from dust and withstands a water pressure of 1,000mm H2O (see note 1). The meltblown layer enables an air permeability performance of approximately 10 cc/cm2/sec. A waste disposal worksite (see note 2), where employees require the use of protective clothing that is water-resistant, is an excellent example of the type of business that would benefit from the use of LIVMOA 4000.

Toray decided to upgrade the LIVMOA CL on the basis of feedback from users at public research and academic institutions. This new, enhanced version of LIVMOA CL integrates the mask for improved comfort and wearability, optimizes the hood opening for a better fit with goggles, and has slimmer sleeves and legs to improve mobility. The original LIVMOA CL was launched in 2019 under the supervision of the Research and Development Center for Cell Therapy at the Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation at Kobe.

Toray Industries, Inc.'s Project AP-G 2022, the company's medium-term management program, has prioritized its Life Innovation Business Expansion Project. That undertaking aims to help boost the quality of healthcare and reduce burdens on medical institutions, improve health and longevity, and enhance safety worldwide. As part of that endeavor, the company is accelerating the development of its LIVMOA series in Japan and overseas and will continue to drive innovation in the safety and comfort of protective clothing.

1. This product does not employ seam tape. The water pressure resistance of the seams is not 1,000mm H2O.
2.Users are responsible for selecting dioxin control protective clothing that matches conditions at waste treatment facilities.
LIVMOA4000 performance details
The nonwoven fabric comprises a dense, water-resistant polypropylene meltblown layer sandwiched by durable spunbond polypropylene layers.

Functionality and applications
The clothing is dustproof and water-resistant, making it suitable for wearing at waste disposal sites and in regular factory equipment repairs. It is also breathable, helping to reduce dampness and improve comfort.
Product Details
(1)Proprietary SMS fabric withstands water pressure of 1,000mmH2O
(2)Breathability to reduce stuffiness inside clothing
(3)Chemical protective clothing compliance
JIS T 8115:2015 Type 5 (sealed for protection from solid airborne particulates)
JIS T 8115:2015 Type 6 (for protection from mist)
(4)Fabric produced at domestic Toray plant
2.Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL
3.Applications: Work that requires dust and water protection and cleaning tasks
4.Launch timing: January 2021
5.Distributor: Sunrich Mode Inc.
(available from tool, uniform, health and sanitary product, and other suppliers)
6.Retail price: Discretionary
Updated LIVMOACL clothing
(1)Minimal dust generation
(2)Separate pants and top for ease of wearing
(3)Highly breathable to maintain comfort
(4)Sterilized with ethylene oxide gas to safeguard fabric performance
(5)Designed for Japanese body sizes
2.Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL
3.Applications: Regenerative medicine, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, and other cleanrooms
4.Launch timing: February 2021
5.Distributor: Waken Tech Co., Ltd.
6.Retail price: Discretionary
LIVMOA Series Lineup
Product nameLIVMOA4000LIVMOA3000
FeaturesComplies with JIS Type 5 and 6 standards for chemical protective clothing
Water pressure resistance: 1,000mmH2O
Breathability: 7cc/cm2・s
Fabric made in Japan
Complies with JIS Type 5 standard for chemical protective clothing
Breathability: 96cc/cm2・s
(high breathability specification)
Minimal dust generation
Separate top and pants
Breathable fabric
Sterilized with ethylene oxide gas
Complies with JIS Type 4 standard for chemical protective clothing (provides protection from COVID-19)
Anti-virus barrier Class 6
Blood barrier Class 6
Moisture permeability 200g/m2/hr
ApplicationsWaste disposal site, facilities repair, and other dusty and dirty work entailing high-pressure water usageGeneral dusty and dirty work (particularly useful in hot and humid environments)Work in regenerative medicine, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, and other cleanroomsInfectious disease research and prevention work
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