Oct. 15, 2019
Toray Develops Revolutionary Stretch Film that Easily Deforms and Quickly Returns to Original Dimensions
Oct. 10, 2019
Toray Receives Consecutive Reverse Osmosis Membrane Orders for Desalination Plants in KSA contributing to Saudi Vision 2030
Oct.  2, 2019
Toray Starts Manufacturing Resin Compounds in India
Sep. 16, 2019
Clothing Made from Recycled Down and Fabric Made with Polyester Fibres from Recycled Plastic Bottles -New Joint Initiative from UNIQLO and Toray Optimises use of Valuable Resources-
Sep.  5, 2019
Toray Announces “&+” Fiber Commercial Brand to Underpin Sustainability Commitment
Sep.  2, 2019
Toray Subsidiaries to Exhibit at Composites Europe
Aug. 28, 2019
Toray Agrees to Acquire Alva Sweden AB
Aug. 19, 2019
Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis 2019 Announcing 18 Players in the Main Singles Draw One Wild-Card Entry
Aug.  5, 2019
Toray Donating Advanced Fabric for Canopy Shelters and Hats to Help People Beat the Heat in Kyoto during Japan’s Most Famous Festival
Jul. 31, 2019
Toray Creates World’s Highest-level Nanofiltration Membrane New offering triples permeation while very selectively removing components from raw water
Jul. 29, 2019
Toray to Sponsor Japan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai
Jul. 17, 2019
Toray Selected for Inclusion in Representative ESG Investment Indices
Jul. 16, 2019
Toray to Establish New Battery Separator Film (BSF) Production Facility in Hungary
Jun. 26, 2019
Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis 2019 -To Take Place in Osaka for the First Time!- Naomi Osaka, Winner of the US Open and Australian Open Announces Appearance The advance tickets available from e+ beginning on Saturday, June 29!
Jun. 13, 2019
Toray to Highlight Next-Generation Composite Technologies at Paris Air Show
Jun. 4, 2019
Toray’s New Nylon textile Offers Improvements In Water Repellency and Durability With a Lower Environmental Burden To Be Offered As A Variation of Airtastic®, ENTRANT® and Dermizax®
May 27, 2019
Toray Announces Support for TCFD Recommendations and Joins TCFD Consortium of Japan
May 21, 2019
Toray Receives Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan (APSTJ) Award
May 15, 2019
Toray’s President Recognized for Distinguished Service to Hungary
Apr. 23, 2019
Toray Creates Innovative UV Blocking Film by Augmenting Nano- Multilayer Technology -Enhanced shielding by thin film, blocking UV up to about 400 nm-
Apr. 17, 2019
Toray Develops New RO Membrane Element that Has Twice as Much Water recovery
Apr.  3, 2019
Toray Unveils Latest Version of its Breathable, Disposable Protective Wear LIVMOA® —Development of LIVMOA®CL, Sterilized Clothing for Use in Cleanrooms—
Mar. 12, 2019
TenCate Advanced Composites changes its name to Toray Advanced Composites
Feb.  4, 2019
A Nucleic Acid Drug, TRK-250, Receives Orphan Drug Designation*1 from the FDA
Jan. 30, 2019
Toray’s Chemical Protective Clothing LIVMOA®3000 Series Acquires EU Type Examination Certificate (CE marking)
Jan. 28, 2019
Toray Held Opening Ceremony of Automotive Center Europe (AMCEU)
Dec.  6, 2018
Toray to Enhance Production Capacity of ABS Resin TOYOLAC® at Malaysian Subsidiary
Nov. 20, 2018
Toray to Introduce An environmentally friendly non-woven material with a suede texture "Ultrasuede® BX" realizing the World’s Highest Level of Plant-Based Raw Material Content
Nov. 19, 2018
Toray to develop TRK-880, a novel anti-cancer drug acquired from Systems Oncology
Nov. 15, 2018
Toray to Revise Price of Nylon 66 Yarn and Fabrics for Automotive Airbags
Oct. 29, 2018
Toray Creates World’s Highest-level Polymeric Separation Membrane for Hydrogen Purification
Sep. 19, 2018
PPS Resin TORELINA® Tracking Resistance Grade A660HV Obtains UL and IEC Standards Certifications
Sep. 18, 2018
Toray Participating in NSC Congress & Expo
Aug. 17, 2018
Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tournament 2018 Announcing 18 main draw singles players and one wild card player
Jul. 31, 2018
Toray Formulates Toray Group Sustainability Vision Providing Innovative Technologies and Advanced Materials to Help Address Global Issues
Jul. 19, 2018
Toray Announces Initiation of Phase 1 Clinical Trial of TRK-250 for Patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Jul. 18, 2018
Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis 2018 Three of the World's Top-Ten Ranked Players Announce Their Participation! Caroline Garcia (No. 6/ 24 years old / France) Garbiñe Muguruza (No. 7 / 24 years old / Spain) Karolína Plíšková (No. 9 / 26 years old / Czech Republic)
Jul. 18, 2018
Toray Completes Purchase of Shares in TenCate Advanced Composites Holding B.V.
Jul.  9, 2018
Toray Signs Share Purchase Agreement for Purchase of Shares in TenCate Advanced Composites Holding B.V.
Jul.  6, 2018
Toray Holds Grand Opening Ceremony of Thai Demonstration Plant for Cellulosic Sugar-manufacturing Process Using Membranes
Jun. 28, 2018
Toray Announces Innovative Fiber Adsorbent for Purifying Blood -Selectively Removes Cells and Proteins Simultaneously-
Jun. 27, 2018
Naomi Osaka (20 years old; Japan) —Ranked 18th in the World, a Personal Best— Announces Appearance in Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis 2018
Jun. 27, 2018
New Strategic Partnership Formed for Water Treatment Project in China
May 21, 2018
Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis 2018 to be held at the Arena Tachikawa Tachihi in Tachikawa, Tokyo The earliest advance tickets available from e+ beginning on Saturday, June 2!
May 14, 2018
Hitachi and Toray are Commissioned by NEDO to Implement the Demonstration Project for an Energy Saving Seawater RO System in the actual scale in Saudi Arabia Applying Japan’s advanced technologies to save energy by approx. 20% and reduce construction cost
May  7, 2018
Toray to Enhance Production Capacity of Polyolefin Foam TORAYPEF
Apr. 20, 2018
Participating in “NPE 2018 The Plastics Show”
Apr. 18, 2018
Toray to Establish Resin Compound Facility in India
Apr.  6, 2018
Toray Increases Production Capacity for Large tow Carbon fiber
Mar. 28, 2018
Toray Develops New Out of Autoclave Technology for CFRP - Fabrication of dimensionally accurate parts with energy savings -
Mar. 15, 2018
Toray to Purchase TenCate Advanced Composites Holding B.V.
Mar.  7, 2018
Safran and Toray sign implementation agreement for the supply of higher performance carbon fiber composite
Feb. 20, 2018
Toray to Expand Business in India
Feb.  1, 2018
YUIMA NAKAZATO to present its latest couture collection and manufacturing system for mankind’s future garments at “YUIMA NAKAZATO Exhibition – HARMONIZE –”
Jan. 24, 2018
Toray Holds Opening Ceremony of New Airbag Nylon Fiber and Fabric Plant in Mexico
Jan. 17, 2018
The Premier Women’s Tennis Tournament in Japan Brings Together the World’s Brightest Stars The Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tournament 2018 to be held in Tachikawa, Tokyo
Jan. 16, 2018
Toray to Expand Production Facilities for Ultrasuede®
Nov.  2, 2017
Toray to Build Production Facility for New Variety Regular Tow Carbon Fiber
Oct. 24, 2017
UNIQLO and Toray Celebrate 15 Years Harmonizing Style and Techology: Co-Hosting First-Ever Apparel Expo in New York
Oct. 20, 2017
Toray’s Ultrasuede® Adopted for LEXUS LS
Oct. 17, 2017
Toray to Open New R&D Base AMCEU in Europe -To strengthen R&D function for new materials for environmentally friendly vehicles in Europe-
Oct. 12, 2017
Toray Receives Type I Environmental Label (Eco Mark) Certification for Ecodear® PTT Textile Products Made Using DuPont Sorona®, Partially Plant-Based Polymer, -World’s First Type I Environmental Label Certification for PTT Textile Products –
Sep. 26, 2017
An Agreement between Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. and Toray Industries, Inc. for Technical Cooperation Regarding OLED Materials