Trifolio Presents a Sharper Image with Waterless Offset Print (with Video)

Trifolio srl

Trifolio is a highly motivated team of creative professionals based in Verona who are united by a common love of art and publishing.

The company offers cutting-edge prepress and printing services for art and photography books, uniting 21st Century industrial technologies with the craftsmanship and skill of the traditional artisan print shop. Trifolio has one central passion: the book. “A book is not only a material object that preserves immaterial knowledge; it is also a harmonious composition of texts and images, a synthesis of materials and technique, and an irresistible attraction for the mind, the eye, and the hand, says Massimo Tonolli, Trifolio’s owner.


Trifolio, Fine Art Books

“The passion for books is a physical, sensual phenomenon — run your fingers over the binding, appreciating the workmanship, the feel of the paper, and the scent of the book before turning the pages, reading, and then starting all over again with another volume. Trifolio has turned this genuine passion for the book into both a profession and a cultural enterprise, devoting itself to the creation of each book with the same care with which editions were once produced with movable type.” That is the reason that Trifolio has chosen to work with its partner Marks-3zet to implement a waterless offset printing system that uses Toray waterless plates. “We have insisted with great tenacity on using the system since we immediately realized the great opportunities Waterless Printing offers,” Tonolli adds. “The very defined screen frequency, combined with the fact that the ink is not totally absorbed by the paper guarantees a much higher quality result than wet offset. I like to say that the ink is not IN the paper, it’s ON the paper.


Everything looks sharper, especially with the high quality paper we use. Our customers haven’t failed to notice the difference and show their appreciation. The use of waterless technology has also led us to savings of 10% in makeready time, printing is much more stable during the run and we have completely eliminated the dampening solution with all the additives, especially isopropyl alcohol. Our press room is now alcohol free.” Marks-3zet, based in Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany, is a system integrator for waterless offset prepress technologies and their corresponding printing plates, inks, blankets and chemicals. Marks-3zet resells Toray waterless plates.