Printing High Quality Labels with Waterless Offset (with Video)

Erhard Küchler GmbH

Label printer Erhard Küchler GmbH uses waterless plates by Toray to fulfil demand for premium labels

At Erhard Küchler, a mid-sized label printer based in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg, decisions regarding new investments are never taken lightly. That’s why the company undertook a comprehensive market analysis as a matter of course before deciding on Toray’s printing plates as the best solution for waterless UV offset printing.


Dirk Handler, Managing Director at Erhard Küchler, explains: “The growing demand for high quality labels has validated our decision four years ago to add waterless offset printing to our existing flexo and book printing business, as it has enabled us to hold our own in the premium market segment.” Wine labels in particular, which are often printed on coarse and textured material, require a printing process that is able to produce brilliant, high-contrast colours, complex screening processes, spot colours and fine structures and detail. This is where the benefits of the Toray plates, in conjunction with a Codimag VIVA 420 Aniflo offset printing press, really shine through in label printing.


Dirk Handler, Erhard Küchler GmbH

Progress is tradition at Küchler

Erhard Küchler GmbH ( – or “The Label Makers”, as the company likes to call itself – is a leading label manufacturer with more than 50 years’ experience. It all began in 1964 with the production of self-adhesive labels. In 2012, Handler became the third-generation founding family member to join the management team. The company counts many large and well-known brands among its customers from the food and cosmetics industries. For Handler, one of the key benefits of Toray’s waterless plates is the consistent quality they deliver: “We have never experienced batch fluctuations with Toray plates – the printing results always remain at the same consistently high level. If a printing error does occur, it’s never down to the plate,” he points out.


Codimag VIVA 420 Aniflo offset printing press

Another advantage is the Toray plates’ easy handling, resulting in fast plate changes. Significantly shorter changeover times between jobs allow Erhard Küchler to work more efficiently, enabling the company to cost-effectively undertake shorter-run jobs as small as 2,000 linear meters, which they would not otherwise have been able to carry out profitably. “By combining offset, flexo and book printing together with foil stamping, we are covering all key market segments.” Handler says. “And largely thanks for our Toray plates and waterless offset, our label production has become more versatile than ever.” The effortless handling of the Toray plates, their competitive price point and their consistent plate quality enable the Erhard Kuchler team to focus on their favourite part: individual customer service. “The most challenging and rewarding jobs are those that require the highest level of advice and guidance from us,” Handler states.